Franklin Countys First News

Winter knocks on the door

A lone light shines, showing after a brutal wind storm someone still has power ... and trees! (Jim Knox/Wilton)

A touch of snow in the background behind a Blue Jay (Jim Knox/Wilton)

Red apples still clinging to some trees. (Jane Knox/Rangeley)

Especially cold on Manana Island out on Monhegan. (Jane Knox/Rangeley)

The water is so wonderfully blue because the angle of the sun is so low in the sky. (Jane Knox/Rangeley)

Mighty cold out together in November. (Jane Knox/Rangeley)

The sun rise highlights the local livelihood of the Stratton/Eustis area. Steam is rising from ReEnergy/Stratton Lumber and Sugarloaf is just to the right, where they started making snow on Nov. 7. (Jessica Davis/Stratton)

A female mallard duck takes flight over Wilson Lake (Jim Knox/Wilton)

A kingfisher near the top of Wilson Lake, hoping to get something good to eat. (Jim Knox/Wilton)

A picture of last week's rainbow, taken by Stephanie Mason near Stony Brook Farm on Orchard Drive in Wilton. (Stephanie Mason)

Time for the wood stove again. (Jane Knox/Rangeley)

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4 Responses »

  1. Spectacular BIF captures, Jim Knox!

  2. Thank you for the alluring photos & kingfisher in flight was awesome.

  3. love the pictures this week, you can almost feel the cold in the ones of the water,

  4. Beautiful! Love the Monhegan picture.