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Woman arrested after allegedly taking shoes from Renys

Corrine Spencer (Photo courtesy of Franklin County Detention Center)

FARMINGTON - A Wilton woman was arrested Tuesday on a charge of felony theft after she allegedly stole children's shoes from Renys on Broadway Street.

Corrine Spencer, 42 of Wilton, was charged with theft by unauthorized taking, a Class C felony, after a brief investigation by the Farmington Police Department. According to FPD Office Manager Bonnie Pomeroy, the alleged theft involved shoes worth less than $100.

Spencer was seen on a security camera leaving Renys with two pairs of childrens' shoes, Pomeroy said. She was no longer at the store when police were called, and Officer Jacob Richards located her after a brief investigation.

The shoes combined value did not exceed $100. The theft charge was elevated to a felony due to prior convictions for theft, Pomeroy said.

Spencer was arrested and transported to Franklin County Detention Center. She was later released on bail with conditions to include not to return to the Renys on Broadway Street.

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  1. I don't know this person.
    I have no idea about their guilt our innocence.(sounds like an open and shut case).
    It has always bothered me that any ones mugshot is put out there before due process is complete.
    What exactly is the hurry? ( other than our love for dirty laundry)???

  2. What the?!? What about the guy who got arrested for Terrorizing at Strong Health Center? What about the guy from NH who was arrested for Unlawful Sexual Touching and got bailed for 25 bucks? What about the other lady arrested under the same conditions the day before? No? Let's the shame the lady whose kids need shoes. Cool. For anyone else who (really) needs shoes for their kids, please check with the schools guidance counselor. There may be programs available.

  3. A theif is a theif !! If she needed shoes for her kids there are other ways of getting them without stealing. Her criminal record shows according to this article she definitely doesn't learn from fines or jail time perhaps she should be forced to work for the store for restitution.

  4. I agree Nathan.... there are places and people willing to help those in need of school supplies, etc for children. Even if her children aren't in school, just in need of things, look into thrift stores and donated items. You do not need to steal!! Someone would help out I am sure of it!!

  5. "The theft charge was elevated to a felony due to prior convictions for theft". She's a frequent flyer folks.

  6. The Bulldog once again, putting mugshots up for petty crimes. It can ruin peoples lives

  7. Arrest and mug shots are public .

  8. Tyler Paine, if she doesn't want her life ruin, she needs to stop committing crimes.

  9. It is sad if you can’t put shoes on your kids but no forgiveness for a repeat offender concerning theft. If she really wanted to put her children first go to the town office with a plea for help. Or likely any church. Too bad the children now have to live with this.

  10. This makes me very sad. So many people in Franklin County probably didn't have food on the table for dinner tonight. I don't know this woman, but I honestly think posting this kind of article is unnecessary. Her children needed a pair of shoes. It wasn't like she was stealing a couple pair of Manolo Blahniks for herself!

  11. Ok not judging her but behind the store she took the shoes from is an agency that provides free clothes and shoes to kids! If they don t have the kids size all she had to do was ask...someone in there wouldv e helped. It is called the Children's Task Force, they do not ask for names or question, just walk in and get the shoes there..guess what no jail time there and the kids get shoes, clothes, and maybe a book.

  12. Amanda. It makes me very sad too! A crook is a crook. If you steal something from me, it doesn't matter whether you needed it or just wanted it. It's mine, and you took it from me. It makes me very sad that you would take it away from me!

  13. Everyone saying this theft is justified because it was "for her kids", would you say the same if she broke into your home and helped herself to whatever she needed? Believe or not someone had to pay for those shoes that she thought she was entitled to because she created few dependents. Its simple people don't steal. Get a job.

  14. @Get Real: Great point. Good info.

  15. Ed W....I get what you're saying. You only care about yourself. That's okay. I've just never seen a full page in say, the Portland Press Herald, about a woman stealing a couple pairs of shoes. I think this kind of thing belongs in the "Police Beat" section.....not as a full page article.

  16. I like your comment Jose, and true. Would you say the same thing if someone broke into your home and stole something of equal or even less value. What population does the Portland Press Herald cover anyway? This is a small town. Yes, to bad it's such a large article. It's also too bad she didn't learn the first time.

  17. No, Amanda, you do not get what I'm saying. I care very much about other people. Many other people. I just care a lot more about the group that is working hard and earning their things than I do the group that steals their things from someone else. There is help out there, if you need help, ask for help. If you have such disregard for others and their things as to be stealing them, then you deserve whatever you get. The "full page article" that you speak of is a wonderful tool in that it warns those of us who don't want to be cheated, used or stolen from, that you are one to be avoided.

  18. This article bothers me. I thought BD is a local newspaper owned and operated by local people and yet the administrator referred to a Farmington street as "Broadway Street." I have lived here since 1962, minus a year, and I have never seen or heard "Broadway Street." Leads me to ask the question, "Who runs this show?

  19. Point taken, Ed W. Terri, I don't know this woman, so I was not aware that she has a criminal past.

  20. Do any of you self righteous people know this woman or her story? Judge not, that ye be not judged.
    Tabloid Daily Bulldog.

  21. I don't know this woman or her story but in the article it states she was "seen on a security camera leaving Renys with two pairs of childrens' shoes" and the "theft charge was elevated to a felony due to prior convictions for theft."

    I'm not sure any sad story you tell will convince me she was justified in taking something that was not hers. Especially when there is help available.

    Isn't "thou shalt not steal" one of the ten commandments? Let's not cherry pick the Bible.

  22. The article itself states it was considered a felony, as this woman had prior convictions of theft.

  23. Good point Amanda. No cherry picking! And, to the tabloid: it's not about the woman, it's about principle. Turf stirrers!