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WRGY donor offers $5,000 matching grant for August

WRGY's new soundboard.

RANGELEY - The local community radio station is eligible for a $5,000 grant, after a longtime listener promised to match all donations through the month of August.

WRGY was recently notified by a supporter that wanted to contribute to the station's success after the installation of a more powerful soundboard and remote capacity.

WRGY is a low-watt, non-profit Community Radio station based in Rangeley and transmitting from Saddleback Mountain. Its analog signal on 90.5 FM is an essential piece in the nationwide Emergency Broadcast system, having the only city-strength signal covering the Rangeley Region. It began broadcasting in 2010 after securing a non-commercial license from the Federal Communications Commission. Over the years, the station has developed local programming and shows, as well as presenting information of interest to those who live and recreate in the Rangeley region.

Interim Station Manager Ernest Gurney said that the anonymous donor had been impressed by the station's recent improvements, which include an up-to-date, more powerful soundboard, and the work of the station's volunteers.

"Having seen the community spirit exhibited by Gene Warfel, one of our most knowledgeable and generous volunteers, this listener decided to keep WRGY moving forward in capacity and especially in helping WRGY connect and collaborate with the Rangeley community," Gurney said in a prepared statement. "Remote capacity and a more powerful soundboard were essential building blocks to begin that process."

Through the month of August, the donor will match every other supporter's donation, dollar for dollar.

"We have a lot of listeners who would like to support us but feel they’re not in a situation where they can make large donations," said Gurney. "This provides them with an opportunity to double their donation and help WRGY reach significant goals. And larger donors can know their generosity has been appreciated and increased."

Donations and contributions can be sent to: WRGY Radio; PO Box 844; Rangeley, ME 04970 or by going to WRGY’s website at and donating directly on-line.

For more information call (207)864-9749.

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