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You know it’s summer when…

Black-and-White Warbler singing at the head of Wilson Lake in Wilton. (Tom Oliver)

Deer in the wetland at the head of Wilson Lake in Wilton. (Tom Oliver)

Female Superb Jewelwing damselfly at the head of Wilson Lake in Wilton. (Tom Oliver)

Wood Duck ducklings heading for the cover of the marsh at the head of Wilson Lake in Wilton. (Tom Oliver)

Family of Wood Ducks at the head of Wilson Lake in Wilton. (Tom Oliver)

Robin incubating in Wilton. (Tom Oliver)

This poppy says “Rain, rain, go away...” (Gil Riley)

While this Iris says “I don’t mind having a shower now and then.” (Gil Riley)

Ready or not, here we come! (Gil Riley)

I will soon have to find a larger pad to call my home. (Gil Riley)

A mother robin feeds her young. (Jim Knox)

A loon and his young; a shield of love. The loon is straightening his feathers. (Jim Knox)

A young Gray Fox in Wilton. (Jim Knox)

Nature's natural fly trap- a spider web! (Jim Knox)

Looks like it's time to cut the grass. (Jim Knox)

Those summer thunder storms are horrific with lightning flashing everywhere but the sky before is glorious. (Jane Knox)

Beautiful roses in full bloom all over. June is almost as beautiful as May! (Jane Knox)

Woodchuck and baby. (Joe Hall)

Give mama a kiss. (Joe Hall)

Snoozing porcupine. (Joe Hall)

Snoozing porcupine. (Joe Hall)

Noisy Blue Jay. (Joe Hall)

Indigo Bunting. (Joe Hall)

A nocturnal mammal, beavers are most often observed at dusk and dawn when they leave their lodges to gather necessities and feed on water plants to supplement their tree eating. They slap their flat, powerful, scaly tails on the water's surface to scare away predators. Alone on a pond at dusk, this sounds like a huge fish jumping out of the water and slamming back down. Stay clear or you might get soaked. (Photographed by Jane Naliboff)

Beaver slap. (Photographed by Jane Naliboff)

Beaver slap splash. (Photographed by Jane Naliboff)

Beaver slap big splash. (Photographed by Jane Naliboff)

Sunset clouds. (Photographed by Jane Naliboff)

Heading home. (Photographed by Jane Naliboff)

Yellow Swallowtail having a drink. (Photographed by Jane Naliboff)

American Toad (Photographed by Jane Naliboff)

Mrs. Hooded Merganser heads home with her ducklings. (Photographed by Jane Naliboff)

Up close and personal with a snapping turtle. (Photographed by Jane Naliboff)

Wild Iris (Photographed by Jane Naliboff)

Papa loon's day out with his chicks. (Photographed by Jane Naliboff)

Papa loon appears to be catching a quick nap while the chicks have theirs. (Photographed by Jane Naliboff)

Mrs. Loon continues to sit on, and protect, her future offspring. I'll be checking in with her periodically and will update chick progress with photos when possible. (Photographed by Jane Naliboff)

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  1. I do t know what kind of camera you have Jane but you can really zoom right in on that turtle and other things. Great job , just love all the pictures. Keep them coming. Thank you.

  2. Love seeing Joe Hall's photos!

  3. Excellent, as usual. Thanks to all for your diligence. Love the beaver slap this week, Jane Naliboff!

  4. Lots of great photos. Especially like the drenched poppy. Thank you, all.

  5. These pictures are all stunning but especially the Indigo Bunting, thanks Joe!

  6. What awesome pictures! Thank you for sharing.

  7. Jim Knox,
    Gorgeous photos this week, especially the gray fox and loons!

  8. Beautiful pictures as always. Love the baby loons on Papa's back. Not so sure about meeting up with that garter snake. He looks incredibly LARGE!!

  9. I always look forward to seeing the photos each week. This week was even more spectacular then usual. Thanks to all that contribute.

  10. I love this time of year when Jane Naliboff devotes her time and patience to get the magnificent Loon pix...thank you!!

  11. As usual, awesome pictures, thanks so much for sharing.

  12. Beautiful photos ! Thank you for sharing them !

  13. Thank you again for sharing your amazing photographs.
    I especially love momma groundhog and baby. So adorable.

  14. Love the fox, Jim!!