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‘Ray’s Coffee and Car Show’ completes fourth year

From left to right are: Raymond Rice, Aubuchon employee; Linda LaRue-Keniston, Work First Executive Director; and Brenda Fronk, Aubuchon manager.

FARMINGTON - Brenda Fronk, the manager of Aubuchon Hardware, with employee Raymond Rice presented a $337 donation to Work First Inc. for DJ entertainment expenses for their annual Holiday party. Rice and his co-workers, as well as friends from Work First, have been hosting a muscle car show at Aubuchon Hardware for the past four summers. It is known as the "Ray’s Coffee and Car Show."

Rice has received services from Work First Inc. for 23 years. Work First offers support to individuals with intellectual disabilities. Rice receives support from Work First in his employment responsibilities at Aubuchon Hardware. Aubuchon has employed Rice for more than 15 years.

The car show came about because of his strong interest in muscle cars. He asked to have a car show so he could “show off” his Chevy Nova. For the first three years the Chevy Nova won best of show. This year Aubuchon introduced the “people’s choice” award as they knew Rice, the Emcee would choose the Chevy Nova again. To the surprise of everyone this year Rice selected the Mustang for the Best of Show and the People’s Choice selected the Chevy pickup.

On average 8 to 10 cars participate. The Work First crew makes bake goods, Dunkin supplied coffee and Aubuchon served steam hotdogs, accepting donations. Plans are in the works to host Rice’s fifth Coffee and Car show again next summer.

For more information about the Muscle Car show call 778-5682. For more information about Work First Inc. call 778-3200.

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  1. So proud of you Raymond and Thanks to Aubuchon for the donation.

  2. Thank you Aubuchon's and all the crew there for supporting Work First and their mission. So proud of Raymond. I enjoyed stopping by and seeing all the cars myself.

  3. Go Noodles! Thanks to Aubuchon's for supporting Work First.

    --Dr. Giggles

  4. This needs to be advertised more . I keep track of car shows for Western Maine Street Rods and I didn't know anything about this show ...

  5. Good going Raymond've come long way...!!!!

  6. "Ray's Coffee & Car Show" was advertised all over several towns on fliers, on the Daily Bulldog, Sun Journal, Dutch Treat, and other places to numerous to list. Raymond we are SOOO PROUD of you, keep up the good work. Marion & Dick