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Benefit Amazing Race May 4

FARMINGTON- On May 4, Neighbors Helping Neighbors of Franklin County are again hosting a fundraising event that will weave teams of contestants through Farmington and neighboring communities.

This year's race will require teams to decipher clues to at least 10 locations. When arriving on location, the team may be met with a challenge that they are asked to complete before receiving their next clue. The challenges may be as simple as making a foul-shot or as difficult as reciting the first verse of the Star-Spangled Banner; surprisingly 12 of 17 teams were not able to sing our anthem error free during last year's race. Other challenges have included tossing a frisbee into a basket and herding rubber ducks with a water hose while blindfolded.

So let’s get this race started. The following paragraph is your first clue and will direct you to the starting line and time of the race:

“Due left of the rite it is well paved. Due right of the left you can get aid. At three and thirty post meridiem, do park it. Keep your ride warm; certainly don't lock it. First greetings then a meeting with rules read; a last chance for us to get in-your-head. Then quickly you must leave in great haste. Your speed you must heed before setting a pace, at the start of the Franklin County Amazing Race.”

A $20 per team donation/entrance fee is required; teams no larger than four members please. Tickets are available at Ron's Market on Franklin Avenue or by calling Liz at 578-0199 or Ivan at 491-5074. Upon successful registration, you will be informed that the race will start at the “Park and Ride” next to “Rite Aid” in Farmington at “3:30 p.m.” on Saturday, May 4.

In 2012, NHN hosted 17, trash talking, confident and highly energized teams. Many of them arrived in team uniforms, all of them had amusing or descriptive team names including, The Outcasts, The Road Ragers (not my spelling), The Time Bandits, Cougars In Action (C.I.A. hot looking agents), Rosebuds, Team Platinum, Team Abusement Park, Scrubs n’ Dubs, The Wilton Bowling Bombers, The Jay Bombs, Brian and his B’s, Beat the B’s, The Mipaedons, The Four Stooges, Trailblazers, The Trackers and The Enzyters (with Richard and Dave, the natural male enhancements). The first-place team, Cougars In Action (C.I.A. - believed to be covertly funded in order to attain the outcome) received a gift baskets for their efforts. The second place team was Wilton bowling bombers or bombing bowlers; my apologies to Katrina, Eric, Heather, and Karri for slaying your team name, was provided dinner at a local restaurant.

This year, first place prizes will be awarded in two categories; being the, “Thank You For Your Generosity!” category and the, “Well Played; You Guys Are Wicked Smart!” category.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors of Franklin County has raised thousands of dollars to assist residents of Franklin County. Some who could use a helping hand during a rough patch and others that quite simply don't qualify or are unable to receive assistance from the government or other agencies. Most of our service requests are referrals from friends and neighbors of people who were too proud to ask. Quite often, the service provided is specific and personal; in those situations we make an effort to provide anonymous assistance. You will from time to time, see press releases from NHN regarding projects and assistance rendered. We hope these articles will remind people that we are here and usually just a phone call away.

Prior to offering any assistance, members of NHN will visit with the applicant to get a feel for their situation. In some cases we've been gob smacked; in others it's been apparent that a career has been made of seeking assistance; that's when we walk away. Over the past few years, Neighbors Helping Neighbors has sent kids to camps, removed trees leaning on houses, patched roofs, donated a furniture, helped handicap families, cut and delivered fire wood, provided help to elders such as housekeeping and rides for grocery shopping as well as, provided free taxi services from the hospital.

Typically, NHN is an all-volunteer organization that raises funds through community fundraising activities such as the Scavenger Hunt/Barn Dance, the Amazing Race and the Masquerade Ball. Anyone wishing to make a tax deductible contribution to NHN may do so by making a check payable to Western Maine Community Action (WMCA), noting “NHN” in the memo line. Checks should be sent to Neighbors Helping Neighbors, 280 High Street, Farmington, ME 04938. Cash is also accepted! A letter acknowledging your tax deductible donation will be sent to you for your records. For more information regarding NHN check us out on Facebook at Neighbors Helping Neighbors – Franklin County, ME.

NHN puts the Fun in FUNdraising!

- Submitted by David S. Keith, Volunteer, NHN of FC

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