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Bonney Woods Corporation to meet on June 4

Bonney Woods

FARMINGTON - The annual meeting of the Bonney Woods Corporation will take place on June 4 at 6 p.m. at Old North Church.

The Bonney Woods Corporation is a non-profit organization that manages a 190 acre, multi-use trail network 0.5 miles from Farmington's downtown and national historic district. These include trails in Bonney Woods, Flint Woods, Horn Woods, Village Woods, and Willow Springs.

The Bonney Woods Corporation is Maine's oldest non-profit. Formed in 1909, it was Maine's first land conservation organization. The mission is to provide public parks for recreation for the people of Franklin County and its visitors. We maintain a network of recreational trails just steps from Farmington Maine's historic downtown.

While the public is invited to attend the meeting, only board members can make a motion and vote on them. We are always open to suggestions or comments. Please email us at

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  1. love these woods!