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Farmington selectman announces run for Maine House

Stephan Bunker

FARMINGTON – Stephan Bunker, local firefighter and long-time selectman for Farmington, has officially taken out papers as a Republican candidate for the Maine House District 113, encompassing Farmington and New Sharon.

“Since the tragedy of Sept. 16, I have seen the sheer goodness and compassion of citizens in my area. And the response with mutual aid by our brothers/sisters from New Sharon and other fire departments was speedy and effective. I owe the citizens of Farmington and New Sharon a debt of thanks and hope to repay it by representing them in Augusta, and bringing a common sense approach to state spending, controlling taxes and setting priorities to meet our needs here in rural Maine."

"Steve Bunker is just the kind of conservative voice we need in Augusta," said Sen. Russell Black. "Having been a firefighter and selectman in Farmington and a state employee, he understands how to make government work for the people of our area. I support him in his run for the legislature and I hope you do as well."

Bunker graduated from Farmington High School, class of 1967. He later enlisted in the U.S. Army and served as a military police officer and K-9 trainer. He advanced to the rank of Sgt and completed a tour in So. Korea before returning home. He used the G.I. Bill to assist him in attending So. Me. Voc-Tech Institute and later transferred to the University of Maine Portland-Gorham campus, attaining both Associate and BS degrees in law enforcement and criminal justice in 1974. He furthered his education at UMO, receiving an MEd in Adult Education.

While attending SMVTI, he joined the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve as a Port Security Specialist, later receiving a direct commission and advanced to the rank of Lt. Commander, serving as a marine safety specialist, retiring after 23 years of service.

He has served in many public safety roles, beginning with the Farmington Police Department, cadre at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy, Maine Sheriffs Association Exec. Director, corrections officer and dispatcher with the Franklin County Sheriffs Office, and as a home-school resource officer with the SAD 9 Supt. Office. He also trained and worked as an E.M.T. with then Keegan Ambulance Service, and later joined the Farmington Fire Department under Chief Robert McCleery. He is serving his 42nd year on the department and more than 30 years as a state fire instructor.

During this time, Bunker served 10 years on the Farmington Budget Committee, then was elected to the Board of Selectmen, a position he has held for over 25 years. He was elected by his peers to serve on the Maine Municipal Association, Executive Committee, representing over 400 cities and towns, and recently stepped down after 11 years, leaving as MMA President. Previously, he also served many years on the Franklin County Budget Committee.

Bunker, now retired from the state E911 Bureau, having been instrumental in implementing the emergency dialing system and establishing nation-leading training standards for 9-1-1 dispatchers. His focus now is serving on the fire department, board of selectmen, and as 1st Vice Commander of his local American Legion post. He is also a member of the ELKS, B.P.O.E 2430, the Wilton Fire & Game Club, and most recently, Rotary International.

Bunker hopes to focus issues of importance to farmers & foresters, small businesses, veterans’ services, outdoor/sportsmen, expanded education in the voc/tech trades, reducing energy costs, increasing revenue sharing & local school funding in order to reduce local property tax pressures, and moderating state spending. Also, on his radar are the issues of combating sexual assault, domestic violence & child abuse, and the equipping and training of first responders.

He also notes his real concerns over the clean energy proposal by CMP. While he and fellow selectmen were initially drawn to the potential of increased revenues that would assist in local property taxes, his view is changing, based on more recent research and data. As currently proposed, he feels that “this is a bad deal financially that offers little for rate-payers and has a long-term impact upon Maine’s pristine ecosystem.” He feels that such monumental decisions should rest in the hands of affected citizens and ratepayers, particularly those towns touched by the proposed corridor.

Bunker is asking his friends and supporters for $5 donations as part of a Clean Election candidate, rather than accepting funds from corporations or PACs. In this manner, he can qualify for supplemental clean election funds. Farmington and New Sharon registered voters can contribute by going to and click on the “contribute” button. Steve Bunker’s candidate Facebook page:

Steve can be reached at 207-592-1247 or by e-mail at

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  1. What a great candidate for the Farmington/New Sharon area. He is uniquely qualified and will do a great job.

  2. Farmington and New Sharon are very fortunate to have someone with the integrity of Steve Bunker running to represent them. He is truly dedicated to the area and to the belief in service as documented in this article.

  3. Made my donation.
    $5 to help elect a Legislator who will represent us.
    We definitely need a change.
    Not a expensive investment.

  4. I have found Steve Bunker to always be thoughtful through his years as a Farmington Selectman. He has always based his decisions on what he feels is the best for our residents and taxpayers.

    Good Luck Steve!

  5. Political parties aside, both candidates, Republican Bunker and Democrat Landry are both men of integrity. Being an Independent, I would trust both of them to make the best choices for their district.

  6. Good Luck Steve! Great candidate!

  7. Good Luck Steve...If I was in Maine, I'd vote for you!!!

  8. Good Luck, Steve! Great Candidate! State of Maine needs you!

  9. Steve's dedication to my three daughters and I after the loss of my husband was remarkable. There were lots of priorities to juggle after the explosion but Steve never missed a beat. His ability to organize information, search out answers to our many questions and remain calm and professional during very stressful and emotional circumstances was amazing. These same qualities will serve him and those he represents
    well should his run for the House be successful.

  10. The kindness and great care Steve showed to my family after the loss of my father was immeasurable. He is sincere in his willingness to help and I believe his intent is to truly SERVE the people of Farmington and New Sharon is commendable. I support Steve in his desire to represent his neighbors in Augusta. From my experience with him, he shows a great deal of tact in sensitive situations, he exhibited great leadership and handled an extremely stressful time with care and finesse , he will do a fantastic job in Augusta!

  11. Stephan Bunker is a great choice for our State Representative. Steve is a leader that will take on the important issues and get them accomplished. Steve will bring positive changes to Farmington and New Sharon!

  12. Steve Bunker has the ability and ample qualifications to become the next Representative in District 113. His vast
    expertise in in local, county and state affairs, as well as being a man of integrity, a leader in the Community and
    a people person in the deepest sense make him an excellent choice for the position of representing you, his
    future constituents in the many issues that are confronting the State of Maine. Steve Bunker is an educated man of principles, reasoning and sound judgment and as well as other attributes too numerous to mention . LET'S SEND STEVE TO AUGUSTA. All he needs now is for you, the voters in District 113 is to get out behind him and go to the polls to vote or call your local town office for an absentee ballot if you prefer..

  13. I've know Steve since we were in school and he is honest and hardworking and know that he would represent us well if elected.

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