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FCHN workplace campaign raises funds for United Way programs

Executive Director of United Way of the Tri-Valley Area accepts a symbolic check from FCHN United Way Campaign Chair Rebecca Wood and other FCHN employees. From left: Kellie Donahue, Jill Gray, Lisa Laflin, Rebecca Wood, Lucy Sorenson and Kristen Grondin.

FARMINGTON - United Way is excited to announce a successful Franklin Community Health Network workplace campaign this year. Employees at the hospital once again demonstrated their compassion and caring for this community with employee contributions totaling $23,696.

Overall, Franklin Community Health Network increased employee participation by 21 percent to a healthy 39 percent. Rebecca Wood, Chief Nursing Office, led the campaign with her team of ambassadors. Ambassadors this year included: Christopher Bailey, Lucy Sorenson, Molly Chaplin, Heather Patterson, Jessica Jewett, Kristen Grondin, Jessica Stanley, Deb Brinkman, Janine White, Scott Foster, Lori Taylor-Robbins, Janis Walker, Kellie Donahue, and Susan Theiss. The FCHN ambassadors worked to make this year’s workplace campaign fun, having various ‘Jeans Days’, ’Flannel Days’, ‘sports days’ to name a few in an effort to keep things fun and get more employees participating.

Contributions from workplace campaigns like this one are critical to our Community Partner Investments, which United Way makes each year, starting in January. These funds help support programs offered in this community like Meals on Wheels, housing/shelter, food, heating assistance, and Literacy Volunteers, to name a few. Contributions also help support initiatives coordinated by the United Way like Packs for Progress (backpacks and supplies provided to area children who need it) and the Community Energy Challenge where custom-made interior windows are made in community workshops to help save energy costs. Children have access to camps and recreational opportunities or therapeutic services through United Way’s Hope Fund. Special Projects funding for organizations like Maine Adaptive Outdoor education center and Mallett School are also made possible through the support of generous donors through workplace campaigns, individual donations, United Way’s Corporate Champion Circle and various grants.

For more information about United Way of the Tri-Valley Area, please call 778-5048, visit them at 218 Fairbanks Road, Farmington, visit or them check out on Facebook,

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  1. Thank you all for your thoughtful and generous donations. Our son benefited from your donations this past summer . He was able to go to therapeutic horseback riding lessons because of your donations to United Way. He had a wonderful time and it helped him tremendously.
    Thank you again !