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Flamingo Flock a friend to support Mt. Blue Cheering

Flamingo Flock a friend Sept. 29 through Oct. 27 to benefit the Mt. Blue cheerleading team.

FARMINGTON - Flamingos will be hitting local yards and lawns beginning Sept. 29, bringing some fun and color to the area, while raising money for Mt. Blue Rec. Cheering.

The Flocking Fundraiser will run from Sept. 29 through Oct. 27. Youth cheerleaders in grades pre-k through 8th grade will be taking Flocking Work Orders for $20 per flock.

Flamingo Flocks and “You’ve Been Flocked Signs” will arrive at addresses selected by donors after dark and be displayed in the lucky recipient’s yard until the following evening. If you would like to place a flocking order please see a Mt. Blue Rec. Cheerleader or email us at

Mt. Blue Rec. Cheering would like to thank Debbie Seeley for passing along the flamingos and wonderful fundraising idea to our program.

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