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Foster Tech Center students recognized for outstanding efforts

FCTEC students recognized for their outstanding efforts.

FARMINGTON - The following students were recognized by peers and instructors as outstanding Gold Day Students of Foster Career and Educational Technology Center.

Automotive Tech II, Shae Gage, ​Mt Blue​;
Biotechnology, Zeke Robinson, M​t Blue;​
​Business Ed ​Accounting, Rena Voter, ​ Mt Blue;
​Business Ed ​Entrepreneurship, Matt Gallant, ​Mt Blue;
Building Construction, Degan Libby, ​Mt Blue;
Commercial Arts & Photography, Jazmin ​W​illette, Mt Blue;
Composites MFG, Aidan Salisbury, ​Mt Blue;
Computer Technology, Tyler Sweetser, ​Mt Abram;
Culinary Arts, Mackenzie Libby, ​Mt Blue;
Digital Media, ​Fletcher Dellavalle, ​Rangeley;
Early Childhood Occupations, Michaella Martin, ​Mt Blue;
Employability Skills, Austin Warren, M​t Abram​;
Firefighting, Brooke Brown, M​t Abram​;
Forestry, Denisha Begin, M​t Abram​;
Metal Fabrication, Gavin Bridges, Mt Blue;
Nursing Assistant, Madison Ladd, ​Mt Blue;
Plumbing, John "Noah" Bell, Mt Blue.

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  1. Good job Mac! So proud of you!

  2. Congratulations to all the recipients!

  3. Foster Tech kids are just AWESOME...great work kids!

  4. Makes me proud to see young folks doing useful things. Our future seems a bit brighter!

  5. Congratulations Mackenzie & Gavin! We are so pleased and to have you as employees! We are again the beneficiary of the wonderful Foster Tech program graduates. As county taxpayers and parents we should ever doubt the essential role it plays in preparing our young people for the workplace. We currently have 9 graduates on our staff which is nearly 25% of our workforce! Thank you!