Franklin Countys First News

Franklin County Republicans meeting in Jay on April 18

Full crowd at the 2019 Franklin County Republican Lincoln Round Table event.

JAY - The next meeting of the Franklin County Republicans will be on Thursday, April 18, from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Jay-Niles Memorial Library in North Jay.

The featured speaker will be former Maine Senator Eric Brakey from the Free Maine Campaign. The Free Maine Campaign is a movement to protect the freedoms and paychecks of Maine people form big government politicians in Augusta and Washington DC.

For more information about the Franklin County Republicans and upcoming events, please see our website, or contact Chair Hutch McPheters at

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5 Responses »

  1. Ah yes, the Communist party. Lets look at the facts.

    They love Russia and Putin
    They love state controlled media (Fox news)
    They mess up farmers with tariffs and instead give them a handout. Sounds like how Stalin dealt with his botched grain plans
    Spend needlessly on weapons systems and make the deficit swell to new heights.
    Have no value for education and intellectualism.

    Communist Dictator playbook in action
    Makes sense that they are the red party .

    Don't bother with tirades about liberals until you return to Conservative values and pro American stances.
    Eisenhower, Goldberg, Reagan and both Bushes would not be Republicans in this version of the Politburo.
    Even Dick Cheney has spoken up. Try to label him as a Socialist detractor.

    Please stand up to the Communist in the White House and get deficits in line.

  2. The daily bulldog sure brings out the crazies! Remember before the internet. People would see them on the corner with signs "the sky is falling" or " the end is near" or they would just stay in their basements with their tin foil hats on. Now they sit in their basements with tin foil hats and post comments like that. Wow!

  3. I just had a little look-see at all the recent Franklin County Democrats news stories. Guess how many rude and crazy comments there were, railing against the Ds? NONE. Feeling like you can rant and rave because you have the moral high ground doesn't mean you actually have it. Behavior like that actually makes independent voters turn away from the Democratic party.

  4. Sorry, but I am not a D. I am a moderate R who is fed up with the way the current Republican party spends so recklessly. The deficit for 2018 and 2019 are from when we had all three parts of DC President, House and Senate. We have lost our compass in the following of Trump who sure acts like a Russian Agent. I grew up in era where we knew Russia was the enemy and I will never loose sight of that. I purposely posted an inflammatory note to see if an true Republicans would at least acknowledge the non conservative ways of Trump.
    We need thee parties in this country
    Trump party, aka crazy right
    Moon bat party, aka crazy left
    Normal people party who want to keep the books in line and help people to a degree, not judge their morals and protect US interests were it matters.

  5. @MRGA I see your point even if it’s moot. The spending problem in this country is not all on President Trump. Having said that I don’t always agree with what he does but he is definitely better for us that the alternative was. The only way to get spending under control is to cut services that so many people have become dependent on aka healthcare grub stubs subsidized green energy. If we spent just half the money on infrastructure we would have nice roads safer bridges and real green energy. Not to be mistaken with hydro from Canada but our own United States. So instead of whining about it go do something about it. Perhaps you should get in the race for President and then we don’t end up with a crazy dem that wants to give everything away off my back and every other tax payer in this country. Maybe you can bring true conservatism back unlike a few of the examples you gave us.