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Home repair assistance applications available now

FARMINGTON - Applications are now available for house repair assistance through the Mission at the Eastward Housing Ministry. MATE is headquartered at the Fairbanks Union Presbyterian Church and applications are available on site or below.

The MATE Housing Ministry was created to help people in need stay in their home by doing needed repairs they could not otherwise afford to do. The volunteer Mission teams are called out of their everyday lives to serve in our community. They come from all over the northeast, often taking vacation time from work to do so.

Currently the program serves mostly Franklin County: Farmington area, Chesterville, Jay, N. Jay, Livermore Falls, Wilton, New Sharon, Temple, Strong and New Vineyard. Somerset County: New Portland, Lexington, Highland Plantation and Embden. The Salem Economic Ministry, East Parish Housing Ministry in Starks and RCAM in Leeds have similar programs that cover the other towns not listed above, but the program hopes to broaden the area served in the future.

Volunteer Mission teams arrive during the months of June, July and August. The date and time the team will be at a home is coordinated with the applicant if accepted. Homes must be owned, or soon to be owned, and the funds can be used for projects such as Painting, roof repairs, porches, steps, ramps and simple interior and exterior repair. Wherever possible, homeowners and families are asked to participate in the work and costs. At times the mission can help with materials through grants and donations.

MATE-NPHM determines what applications are accepted based on the skill levels of the volunteer teams and the extent and complexity of the work requested. We do our best to prioritize the requests as to those most in need of assistance. We cannot guarantee that we can do everything requested, and it must be kept in mind that the work will be done by volunteers with varying skill levels. Whatever we do is done with the safety of the volunteers as our highest priority, and in completing a job to our mutual (client and NPHM) satisfaction.

Mortgages held by other than a financial institution: In cases where the mortgage is held by other than a financial institution, MATE-NPHM will require them to also sign off on any repairs made.

The application below can be copied and pasted into a document, filled out, printed and sent MATE Housing Ministry c/o Fairbanks Union Church P.O . Box 206, Farmington ME 04938.

Application Deadline: April 30, 2019

Name: _____________________________________________________Phone:____________________

Street Address: ________________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address: ______________________________________________________________________

Town: __________________________________________ Zip Code: ___________________________

I am: ___ Elderly; ___ Diasbled; ___Single Parent; ___ Military Service [active or veteran-any member]

I: ___ Own home & land; ___ Home only; ___Have a mortgage; ___Mortgage with other than a bank

Total number of people living in my home: _____ (Ages: ____ up to 18 ___ 19 to 59 ___ 60+)

Combined family annual income:

___ Less than $10,000 ___ $10,000 to $15,000 ___ $15,000 to $20,000 ___ Above $20,000

Are you, or will you be able and willing to help volunteer for some of our projects? Yes___ No____

Are you current on property tax payments? Y or N Is there a lien on your home? Y or N Please list the work you need:
_____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________

I will be able to contribute toward the cost of materials: __Yes; __No; __Maybe; $_______ Max. Amount

Signature: ____________________________________________________________________________

Please return this form to: MATE Housing Ministry c/o Fairbanks Union Church
P.O . Box 206, Farmington ME 04938

We are connected with a variety of other services in the community in the event you may need other help. If there is more that you need help with, and are interested, we are attaching a list of all possible agencies to assist you in the area. If you would like us to assist you in making contact, please indicate this on your application, and the agency you would like us to reach out to.

. All personal information is for the use of Mission at the Eastward NPHM and is held in strict confidence.

Please tell us where you obtained this application: ____________________________________________

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