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Labor Day 2020 recognition in downtown Chesterville

CHESTERVILLE - The Chesterville Meeting House will be at the center of a Labor Day recognition on Monday, Sept. 7. At 11 a.m. the newly refurbished bell tower will resound with 11 gongs of its massive antique cast metal bell, rendered under the power of Carroll Corbin, long-time Chesterville citizen and civic volunteer.

The honorees of this year's event are Chesterville’s essential workers from all walks of life and corners of our community. Organizers hope for a gathering of townspeople and will attempt to ensure safe conditions in line with official pandemic recommendations for distancing and masks in an outdoor setting. It is not anticipated that the event will attract more than the sanctioned 100 individuals.

The Meeting House is maintained by a non-profit group of Chesterville citizens who sustain the venue for arts, culture, education, and civic events. Chesterville residents are encouraged to propose events and inquire about using the building for personal occasions such as memorial services, weddings, and other celebrations free of charge.

For more information, visit the website or call 778-3767.

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