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Local elementary school recognized for CLYNK Recycling Challenge

FARMINGTON - In the spirit of Earth Month, CLYNK today announced the winners of the 8th Annual CLYNK for Schools Recycling Challenge, which took place Jan. 14 through March 22, 2019. CLYNK welcomed schools in Maine and New York to recycle and raise funds by collecting redeemable bottles and cans. For every dollar raised in the Challenge period, schools received a 50 cent match from Hannaford Supermarkets, plus the opportunity to compete for other cash prizes provided by CLYNK.

This year was the largest challenge yet, with 256 schools from all over Maine and New York participating to recycle enough cans and bottles to raise a grand total of $42,617.86. Hannaford Supermarkets donated $21,309.35 in matching funds.

“We had an incredible effort from all participating schools in the 2019 Challenge. The creativity that these kids, and their parents, teachers and principals employed to get out the word and pull in those containers was inspiring – there are a lot of future marketing-genius environmentalists out there! On behalf of CLYNK and Hannaford we share a hearty "cheers!” with them all,” Alison Vanderhoof, CEO, CLYNK

1st $1,500 prize: Sebago Elementary School, Sebago : $3,214.35 raised with match

2nd $1,000 prize: Brunswick High School, Brunswick : $3,181.80 raised with match

3rd $500 prize: WG Mallett School, Farmington : $1,492.28 raised with match

New York
1st $1,500 prize: Shenendehowa High School, Clifton Park : $3,983.48 raised with match

2nd $1,000 prize: Highland Elementary School, Highland : $2,804.93 raised with match

3rd $500 prize: Loudonville School, Loudonville : $2,334.68 raised with match

With just 96 students, Sebago Elementary’s impressive first place win in Maine was a real community effort. “One of our PTC members would wake up in the middle of the night to check the standings, to see how we were doing. She’d send out emails or texts to keep everyone updated. As we got closer to the top we thought, holy cow is this achieveable? One of the major things we were hoping to use the funds for is to repave our basketball court, it’s in desperate need of some love. And probably some school trips.” -- Kristen Goff, Principal, Sebago Elementary School

“It’s was very exciting to get second place, and it’s great that we were able to raise funds for the school. But more importantly, we weren’t throwing out as many bottles and cans out anymore. It’s definitely raised a great awareness. It’s been a buzz throughout the community. Even now students are still bringing in cans and bottles to put in CLYNK boxes for recycling.” -- Joel Freer, Principal, Highland Elementary School, 2nd place winner in NY.

First ($1,500) and second ($1,000) prize are awarded per state to schools who made the most change. Third place ($500) is awarded per state to schools that put forth an extraordinary effort, as identified by CLYNK. Participating school organizations collectively raised containers that counted towards their school’s total funds raised. Organizations will receive the change that they raised plus the Hannaford Supermarkets $.50 match. The winning schools will receive the prize money.

Founded in 2006, CLYNK is one of the fastest growing bottle redemption services in the country, processing under patented technology, over 1 billion containers since inception. With this technology, CLYNK is a true disruptor combining bottle redemption and traffic driving capabilities on behalf of its retail partners. Unlike any other bottle redemption service worldwide, CLYNK offers a convenient and easy bag-drop system at retail that eliminates waiting in line, manual count, material separation, and reduces fraud; all concerns which have historically dampened redemption participation and customer satisfaction. CLYNK is also the only bottle redemption system that allows customers to create a personal account, accumulate a balance and use funds at their discretion (for cash, groceries or electronic donations to local charities). Headquartered in Maine, the company currently operates in Hannaford Supermarkets in Maine and New York, and has licensed technology in Oregon, Iowa and New Brunswick, CA. To learn more visit

About Hannaford Supermarkets
Hannaford Supermarkets, based in Scarborough, Maine, operates 181 stores in the Northeast. Stores are located in Maine, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Hannaford employs more than 26,000 associates. Additional information can be found at

For additional information or inquiries about the CLYNK for Schools Recycling Challenge, please contact, or call 1-866-883-4113.

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