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Mallett School students make rice socks

Emma Childs, a kindergartner, works on her rice sock.

FARMINGTON - Students from W.G. Mallett High School were able to make therapeutic rice socks, thanks to materials provided by members of the Christ Community Church, who provided the materials.

As part of the occupational therapy activity, student filled socks with rice coated with essential oil and sewed them together. The socks can be calming when placed on the shoulders or lap.

Ephraim Winchester, a kindergartner, learns to press the sewing machine pedal with foot as he works with Victoria Petersen, a speech/language pathologist.

Jasmine Mason, a 1st grader, with her rice sock.

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  1. What a wonderful project!

  2. Sounds like a very worthwhile project. It's this an ongoing project? If so, do you accept donations of material and what is needed? Will they be for sale?

  3. Warm rice socks have many therapeutic applications, including relief of muscle aches, especially lower back pain caused by muscle aches.
    Of concern is the addition of essential oils. There is ample evidence that essential oils can cause allergic reactions. The user is often not aware that symptoms of sensitivities and allergic reactions are caused by the essential oils. Before essential oils are uses, it would be wise to refer to the following:

  4. Love seeing my son doing something great things! So thankful for the school district's Life Skills program and for Christ Community Church!