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Museum seeks Little Miss and Mister Woodchip

Last year’s winners Little Mister Woodchip, Gabriel Williams (age 8) and Little Miss Woodchip, Alizabeth Clark (age 8) riding in the Logging Parade. (Photo by Brett Williams)

RANGELEY - The Maine Forestry Museum (formerly The Rangeley Lakes Region Logging Museum) invites every girl and boy aged 6 to 8 to sign up for the Little Miss and Mister Woodchip Contest to be held on July 26 at 7 p.m. at the Forestry Museum grounds at 221 Stratton Road, Dallas Plantation. The Woodchip program is part of the Museum’s 39th Annual Logging Festival, July 26 and 27.

Contestants may sing a song or recite a poem; they may choose a favorite or write their own. (Other performances, such as dancing or playing musical instruments, will not be accepted toward the competition). Every Woodchip contestant receives a prize. Winners will ride in the Little Miss and Mister Woodchip float in the Forestry Museum parade on Saturday, July 27 and be introduced at the Festival immediately after the parade.

To enter children in the contest, please contact Liz Pimentel at 917 836-1632.

As usual, we have some special additions to the evening’s events. The talented clogging group Triple C Dance Team will thrill the audience with their dancing after the contest. Also on hand will be the fabulous Pulled Together Band playing bluegrass and folk tunes.

The Maine Forestry Museum, located at 221 Stratton Road, opens Wednesday through Sunday from 11-5. For more information about the Museum and its events, call 207 864-3939 and visit the Museum facebook page and website:

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