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Rangeley’s Diva show opens Friday

Pictured above are Jenn Farmer, Pam Ellis and Lissa Gumprecht. (Britt Taylor photo)

RANGELEY - Winter in Rangeley brings out the best in this community and the annual success of the Winter Diva is proof of that.

Carolyn Smith and Terry Martin have cast another great show of outstanding performers with a combination of talent that includes comedy, vocal performances, and dance. Joining this “cast of unpredictable characters” is Barney Martin. When not working at his day job, Barney is a part of the Coos Canyon Band  and The Maine Hysterical Society. 

We welcome him back to Rangeley and the Winter Diva Show. Be prepared for some hilarious antics as Carolyn Smith becomes Cher and Barney Martin takes on the role of Elvis. You've never seen Jailhouse Rock performed like this!

Come to the performance in Rangeley at Moose Alley on Jan. 28, 29 and 30 and enjoy the musicians, realtors, landscape artists, business owners, ministers, teachers, mothers, town clerks, radio station managers, graphic artists, dancers, and drummers who will perform for you as Diva Characters. All friends and neighbors, they will bring the stage to life with epic performances.

Tickets are on sale at the Rangeley Lakes Chamber of Commerce, telephone 864-5364. This show is a benefit for the Rangeley Lakes Regional School Class of 2011, class sponsor is Sonia Johnson.

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