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SMHS recognitions for the month of September

The Spruce Mountain High School department award winners for the month of September.
Pictured left to right: Payton Fitch, Leeah Volterman, Julia Pomeroy, Connor Donahue, Matthew Fenlason, Jordan Mitchell, Trent Tibbetts, Owen Bryant, Savannah Corliss, Madeline Labonte, Megan Dodge and Logan Harvell.

The Spruce Mountain. High School Phoenix Athletic Leaders.
These students had to take a National Federation of High School Sports Captain's Courses and attend meetings over the summer with Marc Keller, Athletic Director about how to be a good leader and captain of a sports team.
Front row left to right: Ashlyn Williams, Avery Williams, Emily White, Julianne Doiron, Emily Castonguay, Harmony Castonguay, Calley Baker and Anna Bradford.
Middle row left to right: Kayle Stewart, Hunter Quirrion, Cameron Cain, Moreland Brochu, Riley Gray, Grace Harmatys, Bryce Chavez and Joel Soper.
Back Row left to right: Noah Gilbert, Haley Turcotte, Brett Hunt, Zak Toothaker, Jack Bryant, Tate Walton, Cody York, Garrett Smith and Melissa Bamford.

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