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Storytelling contest for high school and college students

FARMINGTON - Hilarity for Charity opened its new, intergenerational storytelling contest November 1 for high school and college students to write about someone they know (or have known) with dementia. HFC was founded by Lauren Miller Rogen and her husband actor Seth Rogen when Ms. Rogen's mother was diagnosed with early onset dementia in her 50's.

See the rules for the Humans of Dementia storytelling contest are here:

Locally, Walking Books Library has received and researched requests for books written specifically for people with dementia. While many books are written for family members and caregivers, those written just for those with dementia or Alzheimer's are few and far between. WBL was able to locate a New England author who writes in that new genre. Currently, every free copy of those books (very graciously funded by United Way of the Tri-Valley Area) is spoken for and will be used in an upcoming project.

However, Walking Books Library is making available a simple guide of good books written for people with varying stages of dementia to anyone who would like it. The list sorts books by different levels and includes ones written from a variety of perspectives including Jewish and African American as well as the New England inspired books mentioned. To get the list call Walking Books Library 491-3672.

Walking Books Library is a project of Appalachia North: Teeny tiny projects that teach, transform or tickle you pink.

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