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Strong’s eighth-grade class donating books to cancer program

STRONG - The Strong eighth-grade class would like to invite you to be a part of a very special memory-in-the-making!

While on their class trip, they will be visiting the Maine Children’s Cancer Program and donating copies of local author Karen Calloway’s book, After The Rain. Children from our area and throughout Maine with a cancer diagnosis receive care at MCCP, which strives not only to cure cancer in as many children as possible, but also to support families through their experience of living with childhood cancer.

We all know that a new book can add a little sunshine to a child’s day, and the eighth graders are hoping to provide just that for the young patients of MCCP.

With your donation of $14, a copy of After The Rain will be donated with your name, your family’s name, or the name of an organization to which you belong. The eighth graders are so excited about this stop on
their trip and they are hoping to carry armfuls of books off the bus, but they need your help!

Please check out MCCP on Facebook and Karen Calloway at

For more information, contact, Liz Marble at 491-1834.

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  1. This is so exciting! We can all remember the great times we had on our class trips. I wish we had reached out then in some way like this. Karen's book is great...let's donate!

  2. Way to go, kids! Service before self - a wonderful way to be!

  3. What a great idea for such a great cause! Good for you, Strong eighth grade class! You become leaders by example.