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Treasurer Prodan seeks reelection

Pamela Prodan

FARMINGTON - Franklin County Treasurer Pamela Prodan has announced her candidacy for reelection. Prodan was elected to her first term in November 2014.

Prodan will be running as the Democratic candidate. Quenten Clark has been nominated as the Republican candidate.

As County Treasurer, Prodan is responsible for safeguarding all of the County’s financial assets. The Treasurer’s office is the “second set of eyes” to assure that effective internal controls are in place for all financial transactions initiated by the various County departments.

“I take a hands-on approach to the Treasurer’s job because accountability is important to me,” said Prodan. “Routine and consistent oversight of County finances by the elected Treasurer is imperative.”

Prodan is also responsible for compiling and filing a number of financial reports required by higher government authorities.

Since taking office, Prodan has ushered in a shift of certain County funds to banking products that are intended for governmental entities and easier to manage. Funds are readily available and earn better interest rates than they would be if held in certificates of deposits, which the County used to have.

Prodan says one noteworthy challenge since she took office was the change from a 72-hour holding facility back to a full-time jail 3 years ago. This has meant a significant increase in the number of County employees at the Jail and an increase in the work of her office in payroll, payables, record-keeping and reporting.

Before becoming County Treasurer, Prodan was a licensed attorney in private practice for 22 years, with extensive experience in government administrative law. A long-time resident of Wilton, Prodan ran a successful graphic arts business out of her studio in the 1970s and 1980s.

Prodan has taken college-level courses in accounting at the University of Maine at Augusta, including advanced courses in auditing and governmental accounting.

“I am proud to use my experience and education in public service, and I hope to have the privilege of continuing as Franklin County’s Treasurer,” said Prodan.

Prodan serves on the board of directors of the Tumbledown Conservation Alliance. She has volunteered for 20 years with the Foothills Land Conservancy, which owns a 238-acre parcel of conservation land on Wilson Lake in Wilton.

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