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United Way of the Tri-Valley Area helps local youth through Hope Fund

FARMINGTON - We all likely know a child who was one pair of soccer cleats away from joining a team that would change his or her life, or an aspiring musician who was selected to attend a summer camp for gifted youth but could not afford it.

In order to make these opportunities available to more area youth, the board of directors of the United Way of the Tri-Valley Area recently voted to establish a new fund called The Hope Fund. The purpose of The Hope Fund is to remove barriers and raise aspirations for area youth and expose young people to opportunities in which they may not otherwise engage.

Support will be considered for a broad range of activities. This includes, but is not limited to: therapeutic recreation; athletic team participation; camps (including summer camps and those for special needs students); UMF Fitness and Recreation and Center memberships; after school programs (i.e., in arts, robotics, etc.).

Assistance through The Hope Fund is determined by an application which is available on the United Way website and at the United Way office, 218, Fairbanks Rd., Farmington.

Applications are due the last day of each month beginning in June, 2017. Generally, awards will not exceed $200 per request.

Individuals may apply. Agencies, caseworkers, schools/teachers/guidance counselors, etc. are encouraged to apply to the United Way on behalf of the child/client with his or her knowledge.
Applicants can receive funding only one-time per year and must be under 18 years of age and live in Greater Franklin County. (All of Franklin County, Livermore, Livermore Falls or Starks.)

Applications will be reviewed monthly by a group of community members who are part of the United Way’s Community Investment Team.

For more information about this fund, or to donate, contact Kendra Baker at United Way at 207-778-5048.

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