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Wilton Rec recognizes Volunteer of the Year

Pictured is this year’s recipient Jackie Donald with her husband Travis, left, and Parks and Recreation Director Frank Donald.

WILTON - The Wilton Recreation Department picks one Volunteer of the Year in appreciation of all the volunteer coaches and other supporters of the program do to help make it a successful program throughout the year.

This year’s recipient is Jackie Donald. Although many others have helped with the department's snack shack during games and tournaments, Donald has been the driving force behind the scenes for the last several years making sure the was enough food and workers available for the various games.

The snack shack has brought in valuable dollars that help provide things for the sports program while taking some of the burden off taxpayers.

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  1. Congrats, Jackie!! You have an amazing family, and it's great to see what an impact you and yours have on our little community. Thanks!!