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Wilton Select Board member running for county commissioner seat

Tiff Maiuri's campaign website offers an interactive map of local resources to help residents during these difficult times.

WILTON: Tiff Maiuri, a member of Wilton's select board, is running for a seat on the Franklin County Commissioners this November. While her campaign website - - is now up and running, she says she doesn’t want people to check it out to read about the five goals she proposes for changing the culture and structure of Franklin County government.

“There is plenty of time for that,” Maiuri said. “I want them to turn to the site's ‘100 Resources for These Times.’ As we navigate our way through COVID-19, there are incredible community resources out there waiting for individuals, families, and businesses to connect to,” Maiuri said.

For those that prefer the traditional wordy list of resources, be it a food pantry or meals to go, clothing or diapers, a small business loan or general assistance, counseling, protective services, and housing and shelter, there is such a list on the site.

What makes the site unique, however, is the interactive map in each of the numerous categories on display. Not only does it show where the resource is located on a map of Franklin County, clicking on a resource pin gets you to a road map, a website, and into direct contact with the resource via email and phone. Maiuri wants to enable Franklin County residents to access needed resources more easily during this challenging time.

A link to an additional map from the University of Maine System lets you know which libraries in the state enable you to pick up their wi-fi connection while sitting outside with your mobile device in your car.

Should you decide to click on “Her Goals” you’ll see a handful she plans to address if she is elected to represent the towns of Jay, Temple, Wilton, Carthage, and Washington and Perkins Townships. You can read about one that would have the County Commissioners work collaboratively with health entities in the area and the state to check out just how prepared the county's public health and emergency response are to handle their responsibilities in these times of change.

“First things first. People are struggling right now - just start by clicking on ‘100 Resources for These Times’ and get connected," Maiuri said.

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  1. Thanks to Tiff Maiuri for providing such useful information in such a useful format. Thanks also for accepting the challenge of running for County Commissioner. In times like these we need candidates who can help us with public health issues and other major social concerns. Check out the "100 Resources," for sure, but also take a look at her website and her "five goals." If you do you'll see why it makes good sense to elect her!