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Local massage therapist first in state to be Graston Technique certified

Local Massage Therapist Destiny Cook.

FARMINGTON - Back from an out of state seminar, local Massage Therapist Destiny Cook brings with her new found certification in an innovative method known as the Graston Technique. This makes Ms. Cook the first LMT in the state of Maine to be certified in this technique. Also used by chiropractors and physical therapists, this technique uses specially designed instruments that assist the practitioner in isolating and correcting soft tissue impairment with more accuracy, treating conditions such as frozen shoulder, sciatic pain, plantar fasciitis, whiplash, post-surgery and injury rehabilitation.

Ms. Cook’s innovative and creative approach receives her referrals from PCPs, surgeons, chiropractors and physical therapists statewide. With her focus strictly medically based, Ms. Cook has the respect of her peers and community as a leader in the Massage Therapy field.

Western Mountain Orthopedic Massage, located at 186 Main St. Suite. 4 in downtown Farmington, is now offering this new technique alongside the already extensive catalog of treatments. Patients will continue to be able to schedule appointments easily 24 hours a day using the online app Genbook and through the social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram. A wide variety of services including myofascial release, PNF stretching, deep-tissue, hot stone, and Chinese Cupping are available. Each session is always customized to meet the patient’s specific needs from stress release and increased range of motion to myofascial restriction and dislodging of scare tissue.

Western Mountain Orthopedic Massage offer membership rates to encourage regular visits. This is to emphasize the importance of massage as a part of a healthy lifestyle and complement one’s self-care routine. Also available are regular promotions on the company's Instagram and Facebook accounts for discounted rates.

Currently accepting new patients and appointments are available 7 days a week.

Once again you can book an appointment through the, Instagram at westernmtmassage and Facebook at westernmountainmassage.

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  1. Congratulations Destiny, wish I lived closer to continue my treatments. Thank you for all you did for me.


  2. Congrats Destiny! I've been receiving massage therapy from her for I believe about eight years. She's truly an expert at what she does, and as the article makes clear, she keeps learning and improving her craft. She's right downtown too - Farmington is lucky to have her!

  3. Great news and Congratulations!
    As long as this technique is considered part of The Scope of Practice as defined by the state law licensing massage professionals, it's legal for a massage therapist to perform Graston Technique. And if her insurance carrier recognizes the technique as part of massage as defined by her malpractice/liability policy, she'll be covered if there is a claimed injury.

    I hope she is fabulously successful!