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Cancellations for Dec. 3 storm: New Sharon, Wilton meetings not cancelled

Here is a listing of cancellations and postponements due today's weather. To add your event to our listing, email us at

**NOT CANCELLED** The New Sharon Special Town Meeting is still on for this evening.

**NOT CANCELLED** The Wilton Special Town Meeting/Selectboard meeting is still on for this evening.

All after-school activities have been canceled for RSU 9.

Due to weather, the 5:30 p.m. JV and 7 p.m. Varsity Scrimmage between MBHS & Mountain Valley has been cancelled for this evening.

The Jim Ditzler Memorial Library in New Sharon is closed today because of the snow.

All state offices closed today, Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2019. In light of worsening weather conditions, Governor Janet Mills has directed that all State of Maine offices be closed today, Tuesday, December 3, 2019: "With the snowfall intensifying and winds growing stronger in the coming hours, driving conditions will only become more difficult and dangerous," said Gov. Janet Mills. "Given the severe inclement weather, I have directed state offices closed for the day. I urge all Maine people to avoid driving if possible and, for those who must, I urge you to do so with caution and to provide ample space to our road maintenance crews and first responders as they work to clear and keep our roads safe."

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  1. Nice to see at least some of the area schools stayed open. I know safety is a concern, but we are raising a generation of wimps and it's not their fault. The adults in their lives want to keep them in bubble wrap and lower expectations and accountability and they will not be prepared for the real world if we keep it up.

  2. I agree with Frank. Safety is critical and accidents do happen and someday staying open when it should be closed will have regrettable consequences. So as bbn usual I am wish washy on opinions and see reasoning on opposite levels.

  3. A very important Town Meeting did occur in Wilton last night, establishing a moratorium on Adult Use Marijuana Establishments. I can't imagine that many residents know that there have already been 7 licences requested for our small town with 4 being active. Has anyone study the social implications regarding this issue? Shouldn't parents, law enforcement , and teachers be involved in the conversation?
    Recreational marijuana is now legal in the state. Many small towns have restricted that number of distribution centers in a mindful manner. Drug abuse affects at least 1 in 4 people.
    I am not against responsible recreational use of marijuana, but I would not like to see Wilton Maine have a greatest amount of distribution centers per capita. Please let our town be famous for out Blueberry Weekend.

  4. April: Don't get nerved up over marijuana establishments. You have to have a medical card to enter them. Also, as far as your drug abuse comment goes.....there are drug over doses on the rise and it is not from marijuana!!

  5. Spot on Frank! And it’s not just our kids that get bubble wrapped. Society as a whole. Basically people think that every time there is a little snow in the forecast the state needs to shut everything down. We live in Maine, be realistic. I am glad the students attended yesterday. I know people complain that there was school and they would complain if not. As a parent you can do what you feel is best for your family/location...never once have I been reprimanded for keeping my children home due to rod conditions worries but it was their responsibility to get and make up missed assignments for the next class day.

  6. Why would someone need a medical card to enter a recreational pot store???

  7. The people complaining about cannabis establishments and drugs never care about CVS, Walgreens, rite aid, Walmart, who sell drugs that will in fact kill you. Cannabis is non toxic meanwhile nearly every store sells toxic nicotine and alcohol and nobody bats an eye. Enough with the moratorium a who give some permission to do something others cannot.