Franklin Countys First News

District Attorney reelected to another four-year term

Andrew Robinson

Incumbent District Attorney Andrew Robinson was reelected to another four-year term in District 3 Tuesday, receiving approximately 58 percent of the vote to beat challenger Seth Carey.

With most precincts in Franklin, Androscoggin and Oxford County reporting, Robinson had more than 45,000 votes tallied compared to Carey's 33,000. Robinson, who ran as a Democrat, lives in Farmington while the Republican candidate Carey resides in Auburn.

The race drew statewide attention, mostly due to Carey's ongoing disciplinary proceedings. Carey, who won a contested Republican primary in June, was suspended from practicing law in April after accusations arose during a protection from abuse proceeding held in March.

Maine law requires that District Attorneys be able to practice law in the state.

In Franklin County, Robinson outperformed his district-wide percentages, taking 8,922 votes to Carey's 4,745; good for 65.3 percent. Robinson was boosted in the larger communities, particularly his hometown of Farmington where 2,421 votes were cast in his favor, compared to Carey's 767. Carey did win in Rangeley and Rangeley Plantation.

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  1. I am a registered Republican, however I voted for Andrew Robinson. He is good at what he does!! Congratulations Mr. Robinson and keep up the good work!!

  2. Not sure if I should be surprised or not that so many Republicans voted for a man unable to fulfill the requirements of the job and that went on record stating he needed the job to get health insurance for his mental health issues.

  3. For some reason, the Republican's seem to have more of these nut job candidates than the Democrats. Don't get me wrong, the Democrats can have some people with wild ideas but lately, the Republicans have more candidates facing criminal charges. Just look at the Federal level. Two Republicans were elected to Congress that are currently under criminal indictment. Mr. Carey (is it Seth, Thomas, S. Thomas...) would not be eligible to serve the position based on criminal actions.
    So, how can the Republicans be the party of law and order when people vote for candidates who have engaged in criminal activity.
    I know the Clinton';s flirted with the laws and a $64M witch hunt by Ken Star into a land deal meandered into a sexual harassment suite by Bill's girlfriend (Paula Jones of the 28 promotions in 18 months working for Bubba Bill) and a perjury charge in a civil matter led tio an impeachment.

    Trump tells more than 6 lies a day. Based on the GOP version of law and order, Trump should have been impeached on day one.

    We know all politicians bend the truth but why can't the Republicans clean up their act and get better people? More importantly, why do registered Republicans vote for these people. I am not saying they should vote for the other party but come on, don't vote for criminals and demand better from your party.

  4. To David and A trend amoung Republican,,
    What both of you described is the Hillary Syndrome,,
    If you really want to know why people willingly vote for criminals,,Ask a Clinton Democrat.

  5. As a Republican who voted for Andy, I am surprised anyone would have voted for Carey.. I too got a robo call from the guy in Nevada making slanderous statements.

  6. Congratulations to Mr. Robinson!

  7. Congratulations on a well-deserved victory!

  8. Congratulations Mr.Robinson. Well deserved.

  9. Great campaign. Tough opponent

  10. Hillary Syndrome
    How many republicans have been indicted and pled guilty? How many democrats? Who wasn't afraid to be questioned by the FBI for hours and found she done nothing illegal? Whose foundation was shut down? Won't even talk about the republicans in Nevada who elected a dead pimp.

  11. The reason why Democrats aren't indicted as often as Republicans is because when the Democrats do something criminal, the media tries their best to downplay it and that in turns makes it easier to sweep it under the carpet, such as the mess known as Operation Fast and Furious where a lot of people (approximately 200+ Mexicans and 1 U.S. border patrol agent) died under the Obama Administration's watch due to weapons being knowingly sold to hostile individuals over the Mexican border in order to 'track the guns to Mexican cartel leaders'. Most people associated with the operation walked away with little or no repercussions; but of course the whistleblower, John Dodson, went through a lot of crap to let people know of this travesty.

    It's good that our elected officials are being held accountable by their actions, but fact of the matter is both sides of the room are filthy and the cleaning service only seems to clean the right side of the room. The left side is starting to get quite dusty.


  12. The best person won. I am a registered Republican who votes for people and issues not party. I also supported Janet Mills and Margo Joly. Well done all. Blanketly labeling someone as a "nut job" is not helpful to anyone or any cause. Let's all work together and get on with it.

  13. You are a very fair, firm and compassionate DA! Congratulations on another 4 year term!