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Farmington man elected to District 113 seat

Scott Landry

FARMINGTON - Scott Landry was elected to the State House of Representatives District 113 seat at Tuesday's election.

Landry, a Farmington selectman, retired business owner and the Democratic candidate, received 2,373 votes compared to Paul Brown, a retired educator and the Republican candidate, who received 1,686 votes. While Brown received 34 more votes in New Sharon, Landry racked up a 721-vote margin in Farmington to win the two-town house district.

Landry will fill the seat on the legislature currently occupied by Rep. Lance Harvell (R - Farmington), who did not run this year. Landry ran against Harvell in 2016 for District 113, narrowly losing by a vote of 2,338 to 2,431.

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20 Responses »

  1. NO RETIRED EDUCATOR should ever be in the legislature - EVER. They'll go in with an agenda, and the tax payers will pay more for education than we do now.

  2. I'd expect nothing less from Nancy.

  3. Congratulations Scott!!

  4. Congratulations Scott Landry. Wish you good luck

  5. Congratulations Scott!! Good luck in Augusta!

  6. I agree with Nancy! NO RETIRED EDUCATOR should ever be in the legislature - EVER. Scott Landry's extensive experience with education, and business, and his fresh point of view all disturb and confuse me. Also, what's up with this Clean Election candidate nonsense? Asking regular local people for small donations? Outrageous.

  7. glad you made it,i know you will do a great job

  8. Nancy: Scott did not work as an educator. He was an Insurance business owner. Know the facts!

  9. Hey Bud! I never thought I would say this, but Nancy is right. Mr. Landry graduated from UMF with a BS in elementary education. Know your facts?

  10. Good job Scott, remember I have your first bill ready.

  11. I assumed Nancy was talking about Paul Brown, a former educator, meaning she was happy that Scott Landry, a businessman, had won.

  12. Congratulations Scott! I appreciate all your hard work and look forward to you being in Augusta!

  13. Way to go "Scott"--Patience "Grasshopper" !

  14. Scott,

    I have always liked you as a honest and professional man and i respect you very much! However, i can not
    Understand why a person with your vast knowledge of the business environment in this state would be a
    democrat. Now that you are in the legislature, could you do allllllllllll business owners in this state a HUGE
    Favor??? Please try to fix the Dept of Labor. That is the MOST disfunctional and disruptive agency in the
    State. If you have time someday, i can give you alot of details. Good luck.

  15. Scott Erb, that is funny about the I voted sticker. I voted in Chesterville and when I was done they asked if I wanted a sticker and I said " no thanks, save it for someone who wants it ". Said said, " oh we have plenty ", I still declined.
    That's what you get for living in the big city. :)

  16. Congratulations, Horace. Now go make us proud.

  17. Sure.... Horace... whoever you are... Lucy and I are cheering for you..

  18. Congrats Scott!!!