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Farmington Subway owner now the youngest multi-unit owner in the state

Melissa Karkos

FARMINGTON - The owner of two Subway sandwich shops in Farmington added a third location in Gardiner at the end of July, making her the youngest multi-unit store owner in the state.

Melissa Karkos, 40, began working at the Farmington location on the Wilton Road in 2000. Starting as a sandwich artist and making $5.15 an hour, Karkos became the store's manager roughly a year later, working for store owner Gary Hilliard. After nine years of managing the store, Karkos took a general manager position after one opened up, overseeing locations in Farmington, Gardiner and Damariscotta.

In 2016, Karkos and Hilliard opened a subway location at the Farmington Walmart as co-owners. Within a couple years, Karkos had purchased the Farmington shop she had gotten her start at. After Hilliard decided to sell his Gardiner location, Karkos decided to add it to her other two stores. She purchased the store on July 31.

"I've been running these stores for 19 years, what's the difference if I actually own them?" Karkos said. She said that she thought it was cool that she was now the youngest multi-unit owner in the state.

A former resident of New Sharon, Karkos has since moved to the Rome area to be more centrally located to her stores.

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  1. Awesome, I love reading about a person who works hard and succeeds, best of luck to her.

  2. Way to go Melissa. Your hard work paid off.

  3. What HB said!

  4. Nice job Missy...Hard work pays off

  5. Great Work Ethic and Drive Ms. Karkos. Amazing. Keep up the great work.

  6. Melissa, you and your staff are the best! Great leadership goes far.

  7. No surprise to me I knew this was the direction she was heading! You are the best Missy!

  8. Great role model ...

  9. Congratulations! Great job!

  10. I remember when Subway first came to town. My sister got her first job there and I joined TCBY when it was attached to the Subway building. I have always loved their sandwiches and will continue. Great job Melissa for working your way up in the business!!

  11. That’s my sister❤️ So proud of you Mis

  12. Congratulations Missy!! That is awesome!

  13. Congratulations 🎈

  14. Congratulations!!

  15. Way to go Missy! This is great news!!

  16. So proud of you Melissa!! Congratulations!!

  17. Awesome!!!!!! So proud of you

  18. Good job Missy , So proud of you

  19. Awesome job Missy!

  20. She does an excellent job and always has. Well done.

  21. Congratulations Missy
    You are such a success and never giving up
    A great accomplishment for you and Subway

  22. Look what you can do when you work everyday! Congrats!

  23. Few people aspire to chase business success at this level. Especially the way you’ve done it, hand over hand climbing the ladder of enterprise. No risk, no reward, awesome job friend.

  24. What an Awesome progression you have accomplished Missy! Congratulations and may you continue to successfully carry out this new endeavor of yours owning your own businesses!!!

  25. Congrats u do one hell of a job