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Franklin County Sheriff’s Department weekly report

Franklin County Sheriff’s Department weekly report for June 7th – June 14:

06/08/2013 Lt. David Rackliffe and K-9 Justice assisted Farmington Police with a missing juvenile complaint.

06/08/2013 Detective Ken Charles, deputies Matt Brann and Chris Rhinhart responded to Phillips regarding a reported domestic disturbance.

06/08/2013 Lt. Rackliffe, deputies Sandy Burke and Nicholas Zecher responded to the Appalachian Trail in Letter D Township. Hikers found a suspicious bag that had apparently been left behind after construction was completed two years ago. The State Police Bomb Squad disposed of the ordinance on site.

06/09/2013 Deputy Matt Brann arrested Casey Smith in Carthage on a warrant for failure to appear on a habitual offender charge.

06/09/2013 Deputy Chris Chase and K-9 Abby assisted Jay police with a track.

06/09/2013 Deputy Chase responded to a criminal mischief complaint located in Strong.

06/09/2013 Deputy Brann and Farmington Officer Michael Adcock responded to the Holley Road in Farmington to assist Northstar ambulance with an intoxicated person with an unknown medical problem. Farmington Police Department was busy at the time. Deputy Brann and Officer Adcock assisted Northstar personnel at the scene and cleared with no incident.

06/09/2013 Lt. Rackliffe, Detective Ken Charles, deputies Brann, Burke, and Zecher assisted Farmington Police Department and the Maine Warden Service with a missing child in the area of the Farmington Fairgrounds. The child was found and returned to the parents unharmed.

06/09/2013 Deputy Burke responded to New Sharon to investigate a reported burglary.

06/09/2013 Deputy Chase investigated a car/moose accident which occurred on Route 156 in Perkins Twp. The driver was not injured.

06/10/2013 Deputy Brann arrested Krystin Feole after turning herself in on four different warrants.

06/10/2013 Deputies Chase and Sandy Burke responded to Chesterville regarding a disturbance report.

06/10/2013 Deputy Chase responded to Industry regarding a juvenile complaint.

06/10/2013 Deputies Chase and Burke responded to the Elementary School in Strong for a report of a disturbance in the evening. Upon arrival deputies did not find any illegal activity.

06/10/2013 Detective Stephen Charles received a call from Carrabassett Valley Police Department Chief Mark Lopez. Chief Lopez wanted to inform LE in the county that he took a theft complaint from the Sugarloaf Mountain Golf Maintenance Department. Chief Lopez said that sometime last Tuesday or Wednesday (June 4-5), 250 pounds of copper wire scrap was taken from the maintenance garage. Chief Lopez said that it is 14-gauge wire in 3- to 4-foot sections, with various colored wrap (purple, orange, blue, and green), and if the wrap has not been removed will have "sprinkler wire" written on some.

06/11/2013 Deputy Chase responded to Weld for a domestic violence complaint. Chase arrested Roderick Marble for domestic violence assault.

06/12/2013 Deputy Burke and Deputy Chase responded to Avon regarding a domestic disturbance. An intoxicated female was reportedly making suicidal comments and assault threats. She was taken into protective custody and transported to FMH.

06/12/2013 Deputy Chase responded to the Chesterville Mall regarding a report of people hanging around the front of it.

06/12/2013 Deputy Brann responded to a car/deer crash which occurred on Route 142 in Freeman Twp. There were no injuries to the driver.

06/12/2013 Deputy Brann responded to a 911 hang-up complaint located at the Poland Spring plant in Kingfield. Upon arrival he determined there were no issues at the plant and that it was probably a misdial.

06/12/2013 Deputy Chase responded to the Interval Road in New Sharon regarding a report of unknown person’s joy riding in a field.

06/12/2013 Deputy Burke responded to Weld regarding a 911 hung-up complaint. Upon arrival it was determined that a small child had dialed 911; there were no issues at the residence.

06/13/2013 Deputy Chase responded to a complaint in Chesterville where young people were driving around recklessly in a blue mustang with a large white stripe down its center.

06/13/2013 Deputy Chase investigated a phone harassment complaint in Chesterville.

06/13/2013 Deputy Reid investigated the report of a theft of an ATV from a camp in Weld.

6/14/2013 Deputies Chase and Reid responded to the Dickey Mills Road to assist Northstar ambulance rescue in trying to locate a person who was stuck in the mud and having some sort of allergic reaction. Deputy Reid found the person and transported him to the rescue unit.

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  1. How about the moose and deer? Were they hurt?

  2. There's a mall in Chesterville?

  3. The moose didn't make it and it was a full size van the moose came out of no where its head went through the windshield.

  4. Yes, Laura, the store sells gas, prepared food, unprepared food, beer, cigarettes, beef jerky, some clothing (hunting hats) beer, other stuff, and beer.
    In Maine that qualifies as a mall. :-)

    P.S. the pizza and sandwiches are excellent!