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Franklin County Sheriff’s Office report for April 5 – 12

Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Weekly Report April 5 – 12

4/5/2019 1024hrs, Deputy Elmes investigated a complaint of a man on Old Dead River Road providing alcohol to juveniles.

4/5/2019 1713hrs, Deputy Elmes investigated a late report of an assault that occurred in the parking lot of Tranten’s Too in Kingfield. The complainant stated he cut off another driver on Main Street in Kingfield who then followed the complainant into the parking lot and grabbed ahold of the complainant. The offender was summonsed with assault.

4/5/2019 1017hrs, Deputy Morgan conducted a welfare check on a juvenile at a residence on the Whittier Road in New Sharon at the request of the School system.

4/6/2019 1041hrs Sgt. Scovil investigated a report of harassment at a residence on Pleasant Street in Phillips. The complainant who was recently released from Jail claimed he was being harassed by his ex by text. There was not enough evidence to prove harassment.

4/6/2019 1046hrs, Deputy Elmes investigated a parking lot accident at Tranten’s Market in Kingfield.

4/6/2019 1218hrs, Sgt. Scovil conducted a welfare check at a residence on the Dodge Road in Phillips at the request of a family member. All was secure at the residence.

4/6/2019 1900hrs, Deputy Doucette responded to a disturbance at a residence on Russell Street in Phillips between family members. No charges were filed. The complainant wanted his father in law removed from his house.

4/6/2019 1942hrs, Sgt. Brann conducted a welfare check at a residence on School Street in Kingfield at the request of a family member.

4/7/2019 1518hrs, Deputy Elmes investigated a report of trespassing by an unknown male on the complainant’s property on School Street in Weld. Investigation revealed that the alleged offender was reportedly looking for a lost dog and was on the property temporarily.

4/7/2019 2235hrs, Deputy Doucette responded to Wilton to assist the police department with a request for a K-9.

4/8/3019 0619hrs, Sgt. Scovil and Deputy McCormick responded to a report of a tractor trailer on fire as it traveled down route 27 in New Vineyard. The rear tire unit caught fire, the fire was put out by the deputies after they got the truck stopped.

4/8/2019 1023hrs, Deputy Frost and Sgt. Scovil arrested Darcy Ellis (49) at his residence on the Kimball Pond Road in New Sharon at the request of his probation officer Troy Starry.

4/9/2019 0632hrs, Lt. Rackliffe responded to a car vs. deer accident on the Carthage Road in Carthage. The deer died at the scene the driver of the car left the scene prior to the arrival of law enforcement.

4/9/2019 0916hrs, Sgt. Bean responded to a report of a rollover on the Lexington Road in Kingfield. No injuries were reported.

4/9/2019 1315hrs, Deputy Morgan was requested to investigate a civil issue in Avon. There were no crimes identified.

4/9/2019 1356hrs, Chief Deputy Lowell responded to a report of a single vehicle accident on the Reeds Mill road in Madrid Twp. The driver Kari Gauthier (39) of Portsmouth NH was traveling southbound when approaching the bridge lost control of her Silver 2012 Jeep Liberty, hit a snowbank which caused to go off road and fall 20 feet into the river below. The driver was the only occupant of the vehicle complained of leg pain and was transported to FMH. Phillips Fire and Rescue assisted at the scene, Sanders removed the vehicle from the river.

4/9/2019 1405hrs, Sgt. Brann investigated a compliant of a late report of an accident in a driveway of a residence on the Cunningham road in New Sharon. The complainant stated she suspected it was someone she knew. Sgt. Brann asked her to talk with the person first since the accident was non reportable and to call back if there is a problem.

4/9/2019 1615hrs, Chief Lowell responded to a complaint of an elder driver who was driving erratically on route 4 in Sandy River Plt.

4/9/2019 1636hrs, Deputy Rackliffe responded to a report of a single vehicle rollover accident on route 156 in Perkins Twp. No injuries were reported.

4/9/2019 1745hrs, Deputy Doucette was asked to investigate a report of road rage in Carthage. Investigation revealed that according to the complainant she was almost hit by another vehicle in Auburn. She then followed the alleged offender into Carthage which at that point the offender’s car pulled over and a male driver exited the car and confronted her for following her. She was advised how to file a complaint with Auburn Police. No charges were filed as a result of the confrontation.

4/9/2019 1835hrs, Sgt. Brann and Deputy McCormick investigated a claim that a person at a residence in Eustis was currently using drugs and was supposed to receive children the next day. Follow up investigation did not provide enough cause to continue with the investigation.

4/9/20019 1837hrs, Deputy Doucette responded to the Lambert Road in New Vineyard regarding a report of a domestic disturbance. A man Chris Miquelon and woman were having a verbal domestic and Chris refused to leave. Upon Deputy Doucette’s arrival, the man decided to leave for the evening. No charges were filed.

4/10/2019 0031hrs, Deputy McCormick responded to the Farmington Falls Road in Farmington to assist the Police with a complaint.

4/10/2019 0806hrs, Deputy Morgan investigated a complaint of theft of a snow plow at a residence on Main Street in Strong. Investigation however revealed that this particular situation was civil in nature, the complainant had allowed the suspect to borrow the plow and that it had not been returned yet.

4/10/2019 0955hrs, Chief Deputy Lowell, Lt. St. Laurent and Deputy Daley responded to a residence on the Lambert Road in New Vineyard. Deputy Daley had arrived at the residence to serve civil paperwork on a female living at the residence. While there, a man was standing on the porch that the woman had an issue with the previous day before and it was clear she was scared. Deputy Daley ran a check on the man and discovered a warrant for his arrest. Daley stood by with the woman until Chief Lowell and Lt. St. Laurent arrived and placed Christopher Miquelon (30) of New Vineyard under arrest for a warrant and transported him to jail without incident. Once at jail, Deputy Morgan arrested Miquelon for Domestic Violence Terrorizing & Assault and Violating Conditions of Release.

4/10/2019 1030hrs, Deputy Morgan participated in a community policing program at Cape Cod Hill School in New Sharon.

4/10/2019 1645hrs, Sgt. Brann received a complaint of a car parked in the travel lane on the Temple Road in Temple near Iisalo Road intersection. The car was gone upon arrival.

4/11/2019 1041hrs, Sgt. Bean investigated an on line fraud complaint where the complainant reported that unknown persons had opened up a pay pal account in their name out of state.

4/11/2019 1244hrs, Sgt. Bean responded to a 911 Hang up complaint at a residence on Route 4 in Strong. All was secure.

4/11/2019 1713hrs, Sgt. Brann responded to a single vehicle accident on Route 27 in New Vineyard. No injuries were reported.

4/11/2019 2118hrs, Deputy Doucette and K-9 Judge responded to a request for a K-9 at a traffic stop on the Farmington Falls Road in New Sharon.

4/11/2019 2138hrs, Deputy Doucette and K-9 Judge responded to a request for a K-9 at a traffic stop on the Mercer Road in New Sharon.

4/11/2019 2304hrs, Sgt. Brann responded to a report of a possible break in progress at the Better Living Center in Farmington. Upon arrival Sgt. Brann determined that although one of the doors was unsecured, everything inside looked untouched. No evidence of a burglary.

Deputies conducted 84 building checks and found two unsecure, Deputies also conducted 8 Elder Checks.

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  1. regarding the 4/9/19 report of a road rage incident between auburn and carthage---I encountered a dangerous driver in that stretch around that time as well, but I can't be sure exactly of which day, but around same time of day 6ish pm. The driver I encountered was driving a burgundy/ deep red Jeep Liberty or Patriot. I was behind a tractor trailer going kinda slow. A long line of cars had backed up behind me, and I was first behind the rig. Finally came into a stretch of road with passing lane, clear sight no cars coming, and I looked left, blinker on, got on it to hustle on by the rig. As I was about level with midsection of the tractor trailer, accelerating....the red Liberty/Patriot came up at at least 90mph...really really fast...and went into the wrong side of the road breakdown lane to pass me on the left as I was passing the tractor trailer. It was a couple seconds of total insanity as I was sandwiched between the nut in the jeep and the tractor trailer. I got ahead of the tractor trailer with enough room to pull hard right and get back in the northbound lane. The Red Liberty/Jeep continued on the wrong side of the road at a extremely high rate of speed---they disappeared ahead very rapidly. I never got the plate and wasn;t sure what county I was in to stop and call the police---so I did not report it. Was one of the crazier experiences I've had on the road ever.

  2. Dial 911, they will put you in touch with the appropriate department to handle it.

  3. Tried calling 911 from a cell phone several times they still have to transfer you to other numbers and you may end up telling your story three times before you get any body that can handle the situation, very frustrating.

  4. I agree Fred. They also ask where you are, where it occurred etc. If you are driving thru an area @ 50-60mph you aren't that familiar with, plus the route signs and street signs are not plentiful- you may not know precisely where it occurred. Even if you have a smartphn (not everyone does) with gps tracking, bluetooth, hands free doo dads, the towers and tracking/ dropped signals makes a 911 call while driving in rural areas problematic. It is frustrating to see someone driving to endanger and get the feeling---by the time I connect with the right dispatch they'll be long gone. I try to memorize the plate, color and make if I can.