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Franklin County Sheriff’s Office weekly report for June 1 – 8

The Franklin County Sheriff's Office weekly report for June 1 to June 8.

6/2/2018 - 0114hrs, Deputy Morgan assisted Troopers with a dispute on the Starks Rd in New Sharon.

6/2/2018 - 0900hrs, Deputy Scovil conducted a security detail for the Phillips 5K road race.

6/2/2018 - 1802hrs, Deputy Scovil investigated a report of an attempted scam at a residence on Winter Rd in Rangeley.

6/2/2018 - 1826hrs, Sgt. Brann assisted Windham Police Dept. in an attempt to locate a woman who had been staying at a group home in Windham but left and may in the company of a Kingfield man who lives on the West Kingfield Rd. They requested a welfare check, she and the man were not located.

6/2/2018 - 2040hrs, Deputy Scovil assisted Somerset SO with an OUI crash which occurred on route 27 in New Portland at the intersection of the Chick Rd.

6/2/2018 - 2119hrs, Sgt. Brann responded to a noise complaint near the Wheeler Rd in Rangeley. It was reported that people had been shooting all day and were still shooting after dark. Upon arrival the people who had been shooting were finished.

6/3/2018 - 0116hrs, Deputy Scovil and Sgt. Brann responded to a report of a suicide on Main St in Rangeley. Investigation revealed it was self-inflicted. The State Police Major Crimes unit was notified as well as the Medical Examiner’s office.

6/3/2018 - 0809hrs, Deputy Madore responded to a 911 hang up complaint on the Webster Rd in New Sharon. A check of all family members at the residence did not reveal any issues. Family members were adamant they did not call 911.

6/3/2018 - 1538hrs, Sgt. Brann investigated a civil complaint between a landlord and a former tenant in Avon.

6/3/2018 - 1649hrs, Sgt. Brann conducted a welfare check on a resident who lived on the Lambert Rd in New Vineyard at the request of family members, all was well.

6/4/2018 - 1229hrs, Deputy Davol received a complaint of Theft by Deception on the Swan Rd in New Sharon where the complainant there purchased tires from an individual online in April. The tires were delivered to the complainant’s house and a transaction completed. The Augusta Police notified the complainant the next day that the tires he purchased were stolen from Tire Warehouse in Augusta. The seller was identified and will be charged.

6/4/2018 - 1314hrs, Deputy Doucette attempted to conduct a welfare check at a residence on the River Rd in Carthage. The resident was not there. A second attempt was made later on that day and was successful. A referral to adult protective services was made by Sgt. Bean.

6/4/2018 - 1647hrs, Deputy Elmes investigated a report of harassment on the Mt. Blue Pond Rd in Avon. The complainant stated he was being harassed by his mother, investigation revealed both parties are harassing each other equally. Both parties were warned.

6/4/2018 - 1859hrs, Deputy Elmes and Sgt. Bean responded to a domestic disturbance at a residence on Sugar Hill Driver in Chesterville for an out of control 14 year old female. No charges were filed.

6/4/2018 - 1957hrs, Deputy Morgan and Deputy Elmes received a report of a black pickup racing up and down the Judkins Road and doing burns outs. The vehicle was found on the road way stopped. The found the male driver fast asleep in the driver’s seat. The driver, Luchen Bowie (28) of Carthage was arrested for OUI with one prior and transported to jail.

6/5/2018 - 1240hrs, Detective Stephen Charles, Lt. St. Laurent, Sgt. Bean and Deputy Doucette responded to the Industry Rd in New Sharon regarding a report of a drug overdose where the victim was lying unresponsive due to a drug overdose. New Sharon first responders could not revive him with an AED so Narcan was administered reviving the victim who was then transported to FMH. An investigation was opened.

6/5/2018 - 1550hrs, Deputy Morgan investigated an alleged case of child abuse at a residence on Sugar Hill Drive in Chesterville.

6/5/2018 - 2137hrs, Deputy Elmes, Deputy Morgan and Sgt. Bean responded to a residence on the Vienna Rd in Chesterville regarding a report of a drug overdose. Upon arrival they found the victim lying on the floor and unresponsive, beside him was a plastic wrapper containing a white powdery substance. His girlfriend stated she believed her boyfriend had taken drugs while she was outside. Narcan was administered which revived the victim who was then transported to FMH. An investigation was opened.

6/6/2018 - 0134hrs, Deputy Organ responded to a 911 hang-up complaint on the New Vineyard Rd in New Vineyard. Upon arrival nothing out of the ordinary was found at the residence.

6/6/2018 - 1022hrs, Deputy Scovil conducted a welfare check on Norcross Hill Rd in Chesterville.

6/6/2018 - 1128hrs, Deputy Scovil investigated a report of harassment at a residence on route 4. The suspect lived in Bangor and Bangor police assisted with a harassment notice.

6/6/2018 - 1313hrs, Sgt. Brann investigated a trespass complaint on route 4 in Strong. A woman was given a trespass notice to stay off from the complainant’s property.

6/6/2018 - 1323hrs, Deputy Scovil, Deputy Madore, Detective Stephen Charles and Detective Ken Charles assisted the Fire Marshalls office and Wilton police with a search warrant.

6/6/2018 - 1751hrs, Deputy McCormick and Deputy Elmes responded to a reported of some sort of road rage incident on route 2 in New Sharon. Both parties were giving warnings about their driving habits.

6/7/2018 - 0652hrs, Deputy Madore and Deputy Scovil responded to Sand Pond Rd for a disturbance call. Upon arrival it was determined that two men were having a disagreement. No charges were filed, a trespass warning was issued.

6/7/2018 - 1354hrs, Sgt. Brann, Deputy Scovil, Deputy Madore, Detectives Ken Charles and Stephen Charles responded to a residence on the Sand Loop Road in Strong regarding a drug overdose. Narcan was used to revive the man after reviving the man he refused to cooperate with the investigation that was opened. The victim was transported to FMH.

6/7/2018 - 1605hrs, Deputy McCormick investigated a trespassing complaint on the Vienna Rd in Chesterville.

6/7/2018 - 1741hrs, Sgt. Brann conducted a welfare check on a Carthage man who had been causing minor damage at Bradbury’s Market in Carthage. The proprietor did not want to press charges just wanted to ensure the man was ok. Sgt. Brann received information that the man in question was ok.

6/7/2018 - 2159hrs, Farmington Police officer Richards investigated a parking lot accident at the Sheriff’s office where a UMF officer backed into a parked/unoccupied Sheriff’s Office cruiser. No injuries were reported.

Deputies conducted 14 building checks and 9 Elder checks during this time period.

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  1. THREE drug overdoses in ONE week... WOW!!
    Find something a little safer to do with your time and money besides drugs that you know COULD kill you!!

  2. Darwin is spinning in his grave.

  3. Stop calling them victims . When someone ODs one thing is certain . They took a banned substance. That makes them criminals, not victims.