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Franklin County Sheriff’s Office weekly report for March 3-17

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office weekly report for March 3 through March 17.

3/3/2017 - Sgt. Brann and Sgt. Hartley responded to a report of a domestic violence that was reported to have occurred on West Mills Rd in Industry. The complainant stated she had some sort of altercation with a boyfriend. No charges were filed.

3/3/2017 - Sgt. Hartley assisted a stranded motorist on route 4 in Strong.

3/4/2017 - Deputy Scovil responded to the Wilton Rd in Chesterville regarding a parking complaint. One neighbor had parked their vehicle in front of another neighbor’s garage.

3/4/2017 - Sgt. Bean responded to a two vehicle accident on the West Freeman Rd in Strong. No injuries were reported.

3/4/2017 - Deputy Scovil investigated an online fraud complaint on Sugar Hill Drier in Chesterville.

3/5/2017 - Deputy Scovil investigated a harassment complaint on Main St. in Kingfield.

3/5/2017 - Sgt. Bean responded to Depot St. in Kingfield regarding a landlord/tenant complaint.

3/5/2017 - Sgt. Hartley responded to a report of a suspicious person at Stratton Elementary School in Stratton. While there he found a juvenile in a vehicle parked next to the school using the Wi-Fi from the school. The juvenile had a permit and no license but admitted to driving his mother’s car a few doors down to the school. He was told to lock the car up and walk home.

3/6/2017 - Deputy Scovil responded to Shadagee Seniors housing in Phillips regarding a disturbance there with a resident who was suffering from a mental health emergency.

3/7/2017 - Lt. St. Laurent responded to an accident on the Farmington Falls Rd in New Sharon.

3/7/2017 - Sgt. Brann responded to a single vehicle accident on Weeks Mills Rd in New Sharon. No injuries were reported.

3/7/2017 - Deputy Burke responded to a single vehicle rollover accident on the Lexington Road in Kingfield. No injuries were reported.

3/7/2017 - Deputy McCormick investigated a civil issue where a Phillips woman had purchased a car in Bethel at a used car dealership however the dealership did not provide a title to the vehicle.

3/7/2017 - Deputy McCormick responded to a truck vs. utility pole accident near Koob’s garage in Oquossoc.

3/8/2017 - Deputy Morgan arrested Brent Adams (43) of Kingfield on a warrant and transported him to Jail.

3/8/2017 - Deputy Morgan assisted the local ACO with an investigation of reported of animal neglect of chickens and geese in Phillips.

3/8/2017 - Sgt. Brann investigated an attempted online scam complaint in Phillips.

3/9/2017 - Deputy Burke assisted probation officers with an arrest in Kingfield.

3/10/2017 - Deputy Scovil responded to Main St. in Strong regarding a suspicious vehicle.

3/10/2017 - Deputy Scovil took the initial information of a late report of a sexual assault in Kingfield.

3/10/2017 - Sgt. Brann investigated an unattended death on the Salem Rd in Salem Twp.

3/11/2017 - Deputy Doucette conducted a traffic stop on Route 2 in Farmington. As a result of the stop, Joshua Hardy (25) of Naples, Fla. was arrested for OUI.

3/11/2017 - Deputy McCormick investigated a harassment complaint on East Madrid Rd in Phillips.

3/11/2017 - Deputy Doucette assisted Jay Police with a traffic stop on the East Dixfield Rd in Jay.

3/12/2017 - Deputy Morgan investigated a harassment complaint on Tainter Corner Rd in Carthage. The complainant was upset that an inmate was saying bad things about her to friends. However no actual threats were being made.

3/12/2017 - Sgt. Bean and Deputy Scovil responded to Day Mountain Rd in Temple regarding a suicidal male. Frost was found driving around in a pickup by Scovil and stopped. He was transported to FMH for evaluation.

3/12/2017 - Deputy Doucette conducted a traffic stop on route 16 in Kingfield, as a result of the stop; Grant Gaudet (28) of Port Sulphur, Louisiana was arrested for OUI.

3/12/2017 - Deputy Scovil responded to the West Mills Rd in Industry regarding horses running loose from their barn.

3/13/2017 - Deputy Scovil assisted State Police with placement for a client from Augusta to a homeless shelter in Farmington.

3/13/2017 - Sgt. Brann assisted New Vineyard Fire Dept. with traffic control at a chimney fire in the center of town.

3/14/2017 - Deputy Doucette responded to a single vehicle accident on Norcross Hill Rd in Chesterville. No injuries were reported.

3/14/2017 - Sgt. Hartley conducted a welfare check on Cohoon Rd in Chesterville for Evergreen Services. After the check he was called back to return because the person he was checking on claimed that now he was suicidal. Hartley and other units returned and the subject voluntarily went to the hospital.

3/14/2017 - Deputy Scovil responded to a town of Farmington snowplow / car accident in Farmington. No injuries were reported.

3/14/2017 - Deputy Scovil investigated a phone harassment complaint in Industry. It was determin3ed to be an attempted fraudulent phone call. The complainant blocked the call.

3/14/2017 - Deputy Scovil responded to a report of a suicidal male on Maxwell Rd in Temple. A 44 year old male was mad and trashing the house which upset his stepfather. The male was not suicidal, just has anger issues.

3/15/2017 - Deputy Doucette responded to a report of a vehicle in the roadway interfering with snow removal in New Sharon on route 2.

3/15/2017 - Lt. Rackliffe and Sgt. Hartley responded to White School House Rd in Weld regarding a verbal domestic dispute between a husband and wife. No charges were filed.

3/15/2017 - Sgt. Bean and K-9 “Bain” responded to the town of Fayette at the request of Kennebec SO to assist deputies there in the search for Michael Gatcomb, after tracking Gatcomb for 2 – 3 miles he was found, arrested and transported to Kennebec SO Jail.

3/16/2017 - Deputy Doucette investigated a report of a man shooting a dog on the New Vineyard Rd in New Vineyard.

3/16/2017 - Sgt. Bean investigated a computer fraud complaint at Valley Brook Village in Strong. The victim fell for a scam while using Facebook a message box opened stated her computer was infected and that the victim should provide credit card information to fix the issue. The victim was scammed out of $245.

Deputies conducted 44 building checks during this time period, one was found unsecure. Deputies also conducted 12 elder checks.

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  1. Good job Sgt. Bean and Bain. I wonder what it will take to Keep Gatcomb in jail THIS time.