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Franklin County Sheriffs report June 29-July 6

The Franklin County Sheriff's weekly report for June 29 through July 6 2018

6/29/2018 1655hrs, Deputy Elmes received a complaint of some sort of domestic dispute which started in front of the Local Bull on Main St. in Phillips and then the participants had left the scene. The vehicle they were driving in was found on the Salem Rd. The female was taken to FMH for a mental health evaluation.

6/30/2018 0043hrs, Sgt. Brann assisted Somerset SO Deputies by responded to a report of a man sitting in the middle of Route 27 in North New Portland. The man was gone upon arrival.

6/30/2018 0830hrs, Deputy Madore conducted a security detail at the New Vineyard town meeting.

6/30/2018 1016hrs, Deputy Madore and Deputy Scovil responded to the Poland Spring Bottling plant in Kingfield to assist State Police with a report of a man causing a disturbance at the entrance

6/30/2018 1652hrs, Sgt. Brann received a complaint of stolen protest signs on Salem Twp. The complainant stated that his signs had been removed. Sgt. Brann found the signs neatly stacked up and was told by a nearby homeowner that they had become water logged and had folded down looking trashy. He had removed them and stacked them up. The signs were returned to the complainant.

6/30/2018 2213hrs, Sgt. Brann responded to a report of fireworks being fired off after hours on South Shore Drive in Rangeley Plt. Sgt. Brann informed the complainant that fireworks are allowed until 1230 am the weekends before and after the 4th of July.

7/1/2018 1010hrs, Deputy Madore investigated an alleged threatening complaint via Facebook at a residence on the West Side Rd in Carthage.

7/1/2018 1406hrs, Deputy Madore investigated a late report of a car vs. deer accident which had occurred on the South Strong Rd in Strong.

7/1/2018 1533hrs, Sgt. Brann conducted a welfare check on an elderly woman at the request of a family member who lived on Church St. in New Vineyard.

7/1/2018 1747hrs, Sgt. Brann conducted a traffic stop on the Farmington Falls Rd in New Sharon. As a result of the stop, the driver George Day (35) of Belgrade was arrested on a warrant and transported to jail.

7/1/2018 1829hrs, Sgt. Brann conducted a welfare check on the Carthage Rd in Carthage for a concerned friend who lives in New Hampshire. She was concerned about the health of a man living at the residence, a check of the man revealed he was fine.

7/1/2018 1047hrs, Deputy Scovil responded to a car vs. deer accident on the Carrabassett Rd in Wyman Twp. The car sustained reportable damage the deer died at the scene.

7/1/2018 2050hrs, Deputy Davol responded to a report of a loose cow on the South Strong Rd in Strong.

7/1/2018 2149hrs, Sgt. Brann responded to the Beans Corner Rd in New Sharon regarding a dispute of car ownership. It was determined to be a civil issue which would have to be resolved in court.

7/2/2018 0900hrs, Sheriff Nichols received multiple Facebook messages from concerned citizens regarding a video that was circulating around the net showing local young people “spinning up” a farmer’s corn field. Deputy Davol conducted multiple interviews with the suspects and received admissions to the conduct. Trooper Hall received information that the event occurred in Starks. Trooper Hall charged the individuals involved.

7/2/2018 1020hrs, Detective Ken Charles received a complaint of a possible bail violation at the Franklin
7/2/2018 1114hrs, Detective Ken Charles and Lt. St. Laurent arrested Christopher Tracy at his place of work on Main Street in Farmington on two arrest warrants. He was transported to jail.

7/2/2018 1253hrs, Warden McCabe had contact with an individual over the weekend and summonsed that individual for a violation, he discovered on Monday that the individual was a fugitive from justice and staying at a camp on Clearwater Lake in Industry. Chief Deputy Lowell, Lt. St. Laurent, Detective Ken Charles and McCabe went to the location where the individual was staying and arrested Wesley Legere (41) of Hanover Maine on an 8 year old warrant from Washington State.

7/2/2018 1303hrs, Deputy Davol investigated what original was called in as a possible theft of a motor vehicle on the Sand Hill Loop Rd in Strong. Investigation revealed this was more of a civil issue regarding a person using the complainant’s car with permission then crashing it.

7/2/2018 1948hrs, Deputy Elmes responded to 258 Avon Valley Rd in Avon regarding a report of a disturbance. No charges were filed.

7/2/2018 2122hrs, Deputy Elmes, Sgt. Bean and Deputy Morgan responded to a report of a tractor trailer accident at the intersection of route 27 and the Mercer Rd in New Sharon. The driver of the truck, Raheam Ingram (26) of Meriden CT was driving a 1997 tractor trailer for blue Diamond Transport LLC. east bound on the Mercer Rd when he almost drove past the intersection of route 27 to head south. He turned too sharply and too fast causing the rig loaded with Poland Spring bottled water to shift and roll over. The driver sustained minor lacerations to his arm. New Sharon Fire and Rescue was also at the scene and called for mutual aid to unload the water from the truck. Deputy Elmes was the primary investigator.

7/3/2018 0938hrs, Deputy Doucette, Deputy Davol, Chief Deputy Lowell and Lt. St. Laurent responded to North Main street in Phillips regarding a report of a domestic disturbance. No charges were filed.

7/3/2018 1259hrs, Deputy Doucette investigated a report of a dog bite on an 11 year old girl on the Rangeley Road in Avon.

7/3/2018n 1608hrs, Deputy Morgan responded to a report of a theft at Sandy River Farm Supply where a patron stole a cell phone of an employee from the counter top of the store. Due to a lot of help from the public via Facebook, a suspect was identified and a warrant was issued for his arrest. The entire event was captured on film.

7/3/2018 1625hrs, Sgt. Bean responded to a car vs. deer accident on the river Rd in Avon. The car sustained reportable damage the deer died at the scene.

7/3/2018 1640hrs, Deputy Elmes investigated a report of alleged theft on the French Rd in Chesterville. The investigation revealed that this was actually a piece of farm equipment that had been auctioned off and there was a dispute as to the location of the equipment.

7/3/2018 2015hrs, Sgt. Bean investigated a report of criminal threatening on the Valley Rd in Chesterville.

7/3/2018 2112hrs, Deputy Elmes and Sgt. Bean responded to Mile Square Rd in Phillips to assist 
State police with a domestic disturbance there. Sgt. Bean and K-9 Bain were used to track the suspect in the case.

7/3/2018 2228hrs, Deputy Elmes investigated a report of a disturbance on the Dutch Gap rd. in Chesterville.

7/4/2018 1152hrs, Deputy Scovil investigated a violation of bail complaint at the jail where one of the inmates, Christopher O’Neil, was attempting to contact the victim of the crime he is accused of.

7/4/2018 1812hrs, Deputy Morgan investigated a theft complaint from Douin’s Market in New Sharon which occurred on July 3rd. The suspect is the same person who stole a cell phone at Sandy River Farm Supply.

7/4/2018 1856hrs, Deputy Brann investigated a report of an open door at a TDS building on the Maxwell Rd in Weld.

7/4/2018 1952hrs, Sgt. Brann assisted first responders in New Sharon regarding a call on the Vienna Rd in Chesterville.

7/4/2018 2229hrs, Deputy Morgan responded to a report of a suspicious activity at a residence on the Anson Valley Rd in New Vineyard.

7/5/2018 0629hrs, Deputy Madore responded to Norton Hill Rd in Strong regarding a report of a Tractor Trailer driver was attempting to turn around and bottomed out the trailer on the road, thus blocking the road.

7/5/2018 0936hrs, Deputy Madore responded to a single vehicle accident on the Wilton Rd in Chesterville. No injuries were reported.

7/5/2018 1103hrs, Deputy Scovil received a complaint of theft/fraud that occurred on the Intervale Rd in Temple.

7/5/2018 1301hrs, Sgt. Brann investigated a complaint of harassment via text messages at a residence on the Staples Rd in Temple.

7/5 /2018 2243hrs, Deputy Morgan and Sgt. Brann responded to a report of a domestic disturbance at a residence on the Adams Rd in Chesterville. As a result of the investigation Earle Phenes (36) of Chesterville was arrested for Domestic Violence Terrorizing class D.

7/6/2018 0039hrs, Deputy Morgan and Sgt. Brann responded to Beans Corner Rd in New Sharon regarding a medical emergency. A young man was found unresponsive after having a seizure. New Sharon first responders and deputies at the scene rendered aid. Person was transported to FMH.

Deputies conducted 14 building checks and 6 Elder checks during this time period.

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  1. What happened on the Wilton end of the Intervale on Rt. 156 near the Adams Cemetery? Look like quite an accident happened there recently but have not seen anything about it in the news or the Sheriff's Report.