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Haszko is the democratic candidate for House District 89

FARMINGTON - Dennis Haszko of Farmington is the democratic candidate for House District 89 seat after he was nominated today during a caucus held at the University of Maine at Farmington.

Haszko will face republican challenger Lance Harvell of Farmington in a special election held on Tuesday Feb. 3 in the District 89 towns of Farmington and Industry. The District 89 seat was vacated by Rep. Janet Mills (D - Farmington) after she was elected attorney general by the state Legislature on Dec. 4.

Using a written ballot, 94 registered democrats from Farmington and Industry voted in the three-way contest, with Haszko receiving 49 votes to challengers Leigh Welch receiving 35 and Jeremy Smith 10 votes.

Dennis Haszko

At the gathering today, the three candidates for nomination talked for 10 minutes each and then the written ballots were distributed and counted, with Haszko emerging with the majority of votes.

"In their speeches, the other two candidates had a local candidate spin, but I guess my qualifications made the difference," Haszko said.

Haszko told the crowd of his work experience in Maine and how he now manages a private patent practice in Augusta and Farmington and his involvement on the town's Ordinance Committee, along with his work as a SAVES board member and volunteering at Mallett School.

"I believe that I have strong ties to my community through my local activism and a solid sense of public service having experience with all levels of state, local, and federal government," he said.

On the campaign trail, Haszko said he's interested in the application of "smart governing" where appropriate, and decreasing the amount of intervention when it is not. For instance, he is interested in helping small businesses get up and running.

"The grim statistic is that most small businesses fail within their first five years. Why not give these new businesses the best possible opportunity with a new venture tax incentive?" he asked the crowd today.

He concluded with: "I am fortunate to have visited and lived in many different places, but I am even more fortunate to be able to choose to live here in western Maine. If elected, I will do everything I can to help make this little piece of the world a better place where our children do not have to leave in order to afford to make ends meet."

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