Franklin Countys First News

Incumbents win three house districts in Franklin County

Incumbents in House District seats did well in Franklin County on Nov. 6, sweeping the three races that include communities from multiple counties.

In House District 74, incumbent Rep. Christina Riley (D - Jay) received 2,248 votes in Livermore, Livermore Falls and Jay. Republican challenger and fellow Jay resident Robert Staples received 1,495 votes. In Franklin County, represented by the town of Jay, she won by a similar margin, 60 percent of the vote, receiving 1,301 votes to Staples' 817 votes.

In House District 112, representing much of the northern and western part of the county, as well as Anson, New Portland and Starks, incumbent Thomas Skolfield (R - Weld) received 2,092 votes to beat 1,168 votes for challenger Cynthia Soma-Hernandez, the Democratic challenger from Anson. In-county results tallied 1,599 votes for Skolfield and 843 votes for Soma-Hernandez.

House District 117 represents an enormous geographic area that encompasses Eustis, Rangeley and the northern plantations as well as Andover, Bethel and all the way south into Greenwood and Stow on the New Hampshire border. Rep. Frances Head (R - Bethel) scored a narrow victory against Democratic challenger Stephanie LeBlanc, also of Bethel, receiving 2,371 votes to 2,279 votes district-wide. Head won by a wider margin in Franklin County, receiving 777 votes compared to LeBlanc's 549.

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