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Mt. Blue Class of 2018 gets stuff done

The Mt. Blue class of 2018. (Photo courtesy of Facebook)

FARMINGTON - The newest generation of 137 cougar alumni walked the stage Sunday afternoon, joining the hundreds of Mt. Blue High School graduates that have passed through the school since its merging in 1969.

"Today we will leave this place and start. Some of you will go to college and get degrees. Some of you will join the military. Some of you will wait a year or more before you decide what you want to do. Some of you may start working right away. Whatever it is you choose, it is a start," student speaker Rachel Harvell said to her fellow classmates.

Following tradition, the ceremony was primarily lead by the students of the class of 2018- Harvell being one of three speakers along with several musical performances, all done by the seniors.

"This place is filled with students that are going to build and create things that will change lives across the globe," Andrea Jones said in her address. "The walls of this building didn't help me grow into who I am; the teachers, administrators and staff that have ben here have turned me into who I am today."

Jones went on to share advice from a handful of staff members- everything from "trust yourself" to "success is learning to love the climb as much as the summit."

While Jones emphasized the role of staff members in her journey to graduation, Kayla White highlighted the people sitting in the chairs before her- her classmates.

"Our lives leading up to this moment have been packed with good and bad experiences that we now use to define our self image. We currently have a vision of our personalities, our abilities and more. We hold ourselves to tough standards and high goals," White said. "...cherish the traits that made this specific class so positive and motivated. Together we- the class of 2018- are known for getting stuff done and getting it done well. I hope that you take these traits of hard working, respectable young adults with you and I will try to do the same."

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  1. What a great job done by all. Thanks for all of your help in our community in the past years, you all are looking at a very BRIGHT future for yourselves. Congratulation's Mt. Blue Class of 2018 !! GO BLUE !!

  2. Congratulations Ethan Bachelder and the MBHS Class of 2018.