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Police looking for Vienna man

Triston Ridlon (FPD photo)

Triston Ridlon (FPD photo)

FARMINGTON - The Farmington Police Department requests the community’s assistance in locating 27-year-old, Triston Ridlon of Vienna, who on Jan. 20, police allege stole a 60-inch television from the Farmington Wal-Mart.

Currently, Ridlon is wanted on two active warrants for other alleged thefts.

"We are seeking the public’s assistance in locating Mr. Ridlon as well as any information pertaining to the whereabouts of the stolen television," said Sgt Edward H. Hastings IV in a press release today.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Farmington Police Department at 778-6311.

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  1. Wow - doesn't say much for Wal-Mart security! How does someone get out with a 60 in. TV? Guess it's possible because this guy did it! I

  2. How do you get a 60 inch TV out of Walmart without anyone knowing??

  3. Greeters aren't allowed to respond when alarms go off and neither does anyone else. They really do need some sort of security.

  4. Greeters are not really security people.Walmart doesn't want them drawing worman's comp because they get clocked by a thief.

  5. How does WalMart know it was this man who stole the they have him on servanlance and if they know he did it....why didn't they stop him. I used to work at Ames and we had a store security guard working in plain clothes to stop things like this from happening. He did a great job, not only with shoplifters, but also with upset customers taking out their frustrations on the clerks.

    I think WalMart can afford to hire a few security guards so the Farmington Police Dept. can focus on other things.

  6. This sucks, I wish people would get it together. Some people don't mind jail I guess

  7. Employees are not allowed to stop shoplifters because the suspect could be armed and dangerous. Does anyone remember the young man killed in Portland for chasing after a shoplifter leaving Olympia sports.

  8. Wal-Mart does have security, but they cannot watch every customer at the same time.

  9. In response to walmart affording security like ames, isn't ames out of business? And walmart has cameras everywhere which were obviously used to identify the perp. Say a walmart employee stops the man and the man pulls a gun. And for what? A tv? Not worth it. We pay taxes for police to catch criminals. If your house was robbed who will you call? The ames security guy lol

  10. Why is most everyone blaming the victim (Walmart)? In reading most of these comments, it sounds like it was their fault for the guy stealing the tv! What an upside-down world this has become!

  11. You people need to get a clue.....who would think someone would even try to walk out with a tv I guess it goes to show how many thieves there are ...... what we need is more honest people and less thieves or people trying to get something for nothing!!!!!!

  12. The penalties for crimes are small to none.Now days you get parole for murder! You can pretty much do what you want and get away with it.One thing that is getting more difficult is being an honest law abiding citizen and getting support from the authorities or government .

  13. does anyone remember that Farside comic of the guy stealing a piano by hiding it under his coat?

  14. I happen to know a few employees at walmart, and the above statements are true. Employees are not allowed to approach a shoplifter. And the plain-clothes security associate they do have, can only do so much. What criminals don't understand, is these thefts tap into employees' quarterly bonus. Walmart employees work really hard, for low wages. These bonuses are important to most of them to make sure they have bills caught up, and that they have their basic necessities. People need to be more considerate of these hard working people. Walmart can afford to have insurance for this type of thing, but the employees can't afford to lose their bonuses over things like this.

  15. So let me get this straight, the employees and/or security are not allowed to do basically anything about a shoplifter but they are penalized if there is one? Please excuse my ignorance but does that make sense to anyone else?

  16. @Really - it definitely doesn't make sense to me.

  17. @ Really....I understand that no one should risk their safety, but I agree that is doesn't make sense to hire a security guard who is not allowed to do his job....why bother having one then?

  18. Security can stop if they see it or are there, regular employees can not due to good reasons. Its not like he walked around the whole store with it, he went in grabbed it from close to the front and walked out or as people said "ran out". Greeters are not always at the door and registers are not facing doors on both ends plus they are not always open so therefore cashiers are not going to see everything. People complain the lines are slow, but if you all want the cashiers to watch the doors more closely then stop complaining about the slow or long lines... cant please everyone!

  19. Those "bonuses" wouldn't be needed if Wal-Mart actually paid a liveable wage.....Don't fault the employees for some idiot's repeated actions.....perhaps he'll get a state paid vacation for awhile...

  20. For the safety of the employees all that can really be done is handing the evidence over to the police. This theft is not the fault of the store or the employees but the fault of the thief. Do not take the responsibility away from the wrongdoer by blaming the victim. as a community we should all be working together to make our town a safer more trusting town. Blame shifting does not do any justice other than take the blame from the right place to the wrong one.... I work in retail as well... and i tell you what a knife wound or bullet is not worth any of the merchandise in any store....

  21. ahhh the finger pointers again

  22. Are they still looking for this guy?
    I can't believe he's eluded them for a whole week now.