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Police seek identify man as part of theft investigation

Police are seeking the identity of this man.

FARMINGTON - Local police are seeking the identity of a man captured on video in Walmart as part of an ongoing investigation.

Farmington police are asking anyone who may know the identity of the individual depicted in the photographs to contact Detective Darin Gilbert. The individual is a person of interest in a theft investigation.

Gilbert and the Farmington police can be reached at 207-778-6311. Anyone with any information regarding the man's identity is asked to call.

Another picture of the individual.

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  1. The first picture looks human, but kind of hard to tell. The second picture looks like some kids in the toy aisle raised a demon on the ouija board.

  2. Walmart needs to update their camera system (I'm sure they can afford it).

  3. I know it's been said before, but if they are going to ask people to help identify thieves, they need better cameras. My game cams get clearer shots than this! I may know who this person is, but with such poor photo quality I cannot be sure enough to really be comfortable pointing a finger.

  4. These don't even look like the same person? Even the hats look to be a different color...

  5. The cameras are fine, they just need to get a printer, the cop just takes a picture of the screen with a cellphone and the picture gets all distorted, added to the fact that surveillance cameras are designed for motion capture, not still capture, they lack the focusing depth needed for still photos.

  6. For any family or friends just want you to know this is not me. I slightly resemble this man when I have my winter fat but I do not shop at Walmart.

  7. If you know the person in the first photo you’d recognize him. Stop whining about Walmart cameras. Walmart is not the bad guy here.

  8. Walmart makes all kinds of money on their cheaply made over priced products. Now they want you to check out yourself and eliminant workers. They can certainly afford better cameras and theft protection equipment.

  9. Aren't you being watched all the time while shopping at Walmart? Why wasn't this guy stopped before exiting the store?

  10. Sam and I are on the hunt for this phantom too.

  11. Sorry Dean, none of these boomers understand your reverence. Keep fighting the good fight.