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Police seek woman after purse returned

FARMINGTON - Police are hoping to identify and speak with a woman who was at Walmart Friday, after another woman's purse was located and returned.

According to Farmington Police Det. Marc Bowering, a woman mistakenly left her purse on a cart after shopping at Walmart. The cart was left outside the store in a rack, with the purse on the cart. The woman realized she had left her purse and returned, but found the purse missing from the cart.

The purse was subsequently turned into Customer Service and returned to its owner. The woman in the photographs is believed to be the individual that found and returned the purse.

Police are now looking to speak with the woman. Anyone who may know the woman is asked to contact Bowering at the police department at 778-6311.

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5 Responses »

  1. Why do they need to speak to her, did she take money out of it, or are they going to give her a reward, i'm betting on she stolen something out of it

  2. Why are the police looking for this woman? She turned the purse into Walmart Customer Service. What's the problem?

  3. What a great story, especially around Christmas time. Goes to show you there are still some good people out there. Hopefully this woman is given a cash (or some type) of reward for returning the purse!

  4. I have a feeling something was missing from the purse?? Doesn't mean this woman took it, however, that is probably why they are looking for her.

  5. Where's Bob, I'm sure he has some reasonable educated insight on this.