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Robinson announces candidacy for District 89 seat

FARMINGTON - Yvette Robinson of Farmington, has announced her intent to be a Democratic candidate for the House District 89 seat, which represents the towns of Farmington and Industry.

A wife and mother of two, she is also a small business owner operating a home-based chiropractic practice.

“The increasing cost of healthcare affects everyone in our community. Fifteen years in this industry have given me valuable insight. Insurance and drug companies have held patients, doctors, hospitals, and employers hostage for too long. There are too many hardworking taxpayers who simply cannot afford healthcare coverage for their families,” Robinson stated. “Many things can be achieved at the state level to improve healthcare delivery. I have the knowledge and motivation necessary to help healthcare in Maine evolve into an industry that truly meets the needs of our citizens.”

Robinson is currently serving her fifth year on the Mt. Blue Regional School District's board of directors, and her second year as the chair of the finance committee. As a member of the board, she has tackled several difficult budgets, school consolidation, and the most recent budget shortfalls. She is an instrumental member of the Mallett School Building Committee and a participant of the Visioning Committee for the high school renovation project.

“Even in better economic times, the funding model for education simply wasn’t working. Our schools are subject to policies made in Augusta by those who know little about the specific strengths and challenges of western Maine. It is time for someone to advocate for our educational needs in the Legislature,” said Robinson.

Robinson will run as a Maine Clean Election Fund candidate. For more information, Robinson can be reached at 778-5228 or

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  1. She is one of the board of directors that voted against expulsion of the Mt. Blue student caught with marijuana at the school. Just another weak democrat looking for more opportunity to contribute to the degredation of our values and disregard of our laws.

  2. the only why to fix the problems in this state is not to vote for a democrat! they have had over 30 years of rule in this state and look where we are!

  3. Yvette Robinson has been a wonderful addition and a voice of reason on the School Board. She was one of the few fiscal conservatives willing to challenge the double dipping appointment at the Superintendent's office. (

    Ms. Robinson also has a great perspective as a small business owner and a working knowledge of the health field.

    It's often said of people that you learn a lot about a person by the behavior of their children. As a past little league coach of her two great kids, I know that Ms. Robinson is no exception to that rule! Great kids, great family!

    Farmington and Industry would be fortunate to have Yvette Robinson as their representative in Augusta. She knows how to get things accomplished!

  4. Congratulations, Yvette, and thank you for running for the House District 89 (Farmington-Industry) seat. You have the motivation, experience and values needed to address important issues facing those of us living and working in Farmington and Industry and the whole region. Yvette will bring a fresh, articulate, and experienced voice to Augusta. She will listen carefully to us and represent us well.

  5. i challenge Yvette Robinson to post some editorials in the daily bulldog so we can see what her left wing agenda is!

  6. Congratulations, Yvette! Count me in to help with your campaign. Good Luck!

  7. Admin logging in for Sheila Shaffer:

    Refreshing News! We finally have a candidate who is not part of the "Good Old Boys" club, who is young, knowledgeable and promises a new and vibrant approach to old and trying problems. Yvette brings to the table her experience as a member of the school board and a member of the financial committee, her professional training as a chiropractor and first hand information concerning health care, and her background as a small business owner. As a young mother and wife she can appreciate the concerns of all families who reside in Franklin County and the State of Maine. Keep your eye on this candidate who I believe will be the answer to providing new life in our legislature.

  8. Yvette:

    Congrats on your decision to enter the ring. I have nothing but the highest regards for you and your family. I Iook foward to sharing our visions for the future with the people of this district.

  9. You said it, Sheila. Yvette is a caring, articulate and active mom in our community. Her work on the school board has highlighted her excellent listening and problem solving skills. I look forward to her representing our area in Augusta!

  10. Good Luck to Yvette!
    Yvette is the kind of observant, thoughtful and articulate person needed in legislative leadership. She brings a multifaceted background to the position and - based on past performance in other leadership roles - will base decisions on careful examination. A positive beginning to 2010!

  11. Last I checked, Lance was doing a pretty good job.

    He has accomplished a bit more than the man who ran against him.

  12. Oh great just what Maine needs another liberal democrat to help run the state!

  13. Yvette has many great skills. Her most valuable one is that she listens and thinks, before she rushes to a decision. She thoroughly researches issues, and carefully forms her opinions. She is not afraid to stand against a majority, but will listen to their views before doing so. I would not label her liberal or conservative. She is a strong individual with the community's interests at heart and will work to keep Maine strong and make it stronger. The students of SAD9 have benefitted from her leadership, as will the citizens of Maine.