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Two charged with animal cruelty after malnourished dog found in Madrid

MADRID - Two individuals have been charged with felony cruelty to animals after they allegedly left a malnourished dog in a residence on the Reeds Mill Road.

According to Sheriff Scott Nichols, Franklin County Sheriff's Office Deputy Sandy Burke responded to the Madrid property on Sept. 3 at 1:15 p.m., after receiving a report that people staying at the residence had departed and left their dog behind. Burke discovered the animal, a 10-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer, which was described as "very malnourished." The dog was transported to the Lewiston Veterinary Hospital where it was determined it could not be saved and that it had to be euthanized.

Burke and FCSO Lt. David St. Laurent investigated and determined that one of the owners, Christopher Elliott, 40 of Madrid, had been arrested on July 22 and remained in jail since. The other owner, Nichols said, is believed to be Crystal Webber, 31 of Farmington. Webber reportedly told investigators that she tried to get rid of the dog but was unable to do so, so she left it behind weeks earlier.

Elliott and Webber were both charged with cruelty to animals, a Class C felony. Initial appearances in court have been scheduled for Oct. 24.

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  1. OMG an innocent fog left to horriable. She couldn't find a place for him??THE ANIMAL SHELTER!!

  2. they could have taken the dog to the animal can anyone leave a dog with no food and water..its abuse and neglect. they should have the book thrown at them and never be able to have any kind of pet again! Shame shame shame!!!!
    how would they like to be left with no food and water or shelter!

  3. Many people don't or won't take their pets to the shelter because you're required to pay a fee when surrendering your own pets. I'm not saying that's what happened in this case, she probably never even tried.
    It's sad that the dog couldn't be saved, but at least there's no more suffering.
    I hope they hang this couple out to dry and take their pet owning privileges away forever.

  4. correction 'dog'..not 'fog' sorry for the mistake.
    Second, if they couldn't afford to leave it at the shelter in the correct least bring it there after hours with food and water, and the shelter will take care of it...heck, even leaving it loose would have been better than tying it up so it couldn't go seek food or shelter....
    If you cannot afford a pet..DON"T get one! If you just want to get a dog to leave it outside tied to a tree day and night DON"T get one!!


  6. How come my comment on this didn't get posted? I didn't say anything worse from what others have said on here....Is it because I'm not from this area?

  7. to kee they take off what they dont like they have done it to me they are part of the people who only want printed what they want

  8. AMEN,Suzie and Paula!!!

  9. yes they do charge a fee, used to be like 20 bucks to surrender a pet, but the animal shelter has wonderful people that work there and if this couple couldnt afford the fee im sure they would take the dog anyways..better than starving.i cant imagine leaving a pet to suzie said let the dog run so he could get food or go to someones just pees me off....

  10. Daily Bulldog, I usually don;t have a problem with your articles or even moderating the comments but have to ask; why aren't their mugshots in the article? If she was merely summoned then probably no booking/mugshot but his should be there as the article states he's in jail. I like to know the faces of
    people who can be so depraved to an animal.