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Two-vehicle collision ties up Wilton Road traffic

The Ford F-150 pickup truck involved in a collision on the Wilton Road Tuesday afternoon.

FARMINGTON - Two lanes of the Wilton Road were blocked for roughly half an hour Tuesday afternoon, after a pickup truck struck a sedan and sent one driver to the hospital.

The driver of a 1997 green Ford F-150 pickup truck was transported to Franklin Memorial Hospital, complaining of pain, after her vehicle struck a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix sedan. According to Farmington Police Officer Ryan Rosie, the sedan's operator, Amanda Comeau, 29, of Jay, was traveling northbound and waiting to turn into the parking lot when the crash occurred, just before 2 p.m.

The pickup truck, operated by Cora Purington, 25, of Livermore Falls, was traveling northbound in the passing lane when she saw a semi-truck enter the southbound passing lane to go around a fourth vehicle. Concerned that the semi would enter her lane, Purington reportedly entered the turning lane and tried to brake before striking the rear of Comeau's sedan. She was unable to break in time, Rosie said, and the pickup truck struck the sedan and went off the road to strike a utility pole.

Both drivers were wearing their seat belts. Purington, who was pregnant, was transported to FMH after complaining of some pain. Her air bag did not deploy, Rosie noted.

In addition to FPD, Farmington Fire Rescue and NorthStar EMS responded, with firefighters directing traffic around the pickup truck and emergency vehicles. Farmington Towing and Hilltop Towing removed both vehicles from the scene.

Charges may be pending against Purington, Rosie said, relating to an "unsafe motor vehicle."

The Pontiac Grand Prix involved in the collision.

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  1. I was driving slightly ahead of this (in the southbound) The semi veered into the passing lane and broke hard enough to emit smoke from the brakes. I had to brake also bc the truck was going to be right in font of me! Please big trucks, do not tailgate~ you may be big, but you do not own the road! Slow down!

  2. I can only hope the person who passed the little red car heading toward Wilton during this accident will see this. I was following the red car, she had let 2 others in front of her when she was cut off by another driver. Normally I would not have thought much of this, but she ended up with a flat tire because she hit the curb trying to avoid being hit herself. I stopped to help and she was in tears saying that her Father was taken to CMMC and was dying. We spent 30 min changing her tire. I can only hope that she made to see him. So thank you for people that are willing to create an accident instead of waiting a couple of minutes to change lanes.

  3. @207mama, I'm glad you are okay, but please do not blame drivers of big trucks. Sometimes truck drivers are put in situations where they have to make a best case scenario decision.

    @everyone, those trucks are much heavier than commuter vehicles and cannot stop in the same distance. We all need to be responsible, alert drivers (and pedestrians) and understand that we can't expect those trucks to stop quickly, but we can expect them to be travelling the same speed as the rest of us. I have seen more people walking into crosswalks without ensuring the oncoming vehicle can see them AND stop, or hit their brakes at last minute to turn, sometimes without using a blinker. Remember, the law won't save your life, but a little common sense might.

    @truck drivers, thank you for working everyday to get your freight (which we all benefit from in one way or another) to its destination.

    @becky, karma is a beautiful thing. I hope the compassion and patience you showed is returned to you.

  4. I can say that at times some drivers of big trucks don't understand their own rules of the road and openly blatantly ignore road signs. I have been run off the road on several occasions both here in maine and in other states due to them being in the wrong lane or driving too fast. They can't ignore these things because just like others have said they are big but don't own the road they need to understand that they can effect other drivers just as well as we can effect them. Its not safe and they need to understand that too. So to stick up for them fully is not realistic. I pray that God be with the lady that was losing her dad, I am so close to mind I couldn't imagine. Also the girl that is pregnant I hope all is well and the baby is fine, and to all others involved or witnessed to it May the powers that be in whatever belief system you have be with you and ease your mind. To all others that want to defend the truck drivers, when you experience their careless aspect for driving please don't post it here I as well as others I am sure won't have a bit of sympathy where some have seen that most don't care about other motorists on the road. I say this with great remorse in my heart, these situations are never handled easy and are hard on anyone. I am a minister and I hold great care and concern in my heart and mind for people on the road these days.

  5. Well, I can speak first hand in this accident sine the car was mine. The tractor trailer truck had nothing at all to do with my car being rear ended. This vehicle in front of the rig had a right blinker on intending to turn into the hair place when the apparently changed there mind and began taking over both southbound lanes of the road. The semi driver was very experienced and slammed the brakes leaving skid marks to show how he avoided hitting her. The uninsured pickup who hit me had nothing to do with a rig who never even fully entered the passing lane. The truck was just not going slow enough and didn't have a properly inspected vehicle to be on the road. I am great full that the rig stayed over and I wasn't pushed into either of them. I thank Jesus my children were not with me and that He protected me from injury. Unfortunately we had liability and noe have a totaled car and wrecker/storage fees and no help!