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Wilton man arrested after police respond to target shooting complaint

Tobias Soucy (Photo courtesy of Franklin County Sheriff's Office)

WILTON - A Livermore Falls man was arrested Sunday, after police responded to a complaint about target shooting and determined the man possessing the firearm had a felony record.

According to Wilton Police Chief Heidi Wilcox, Tobias Soucy, 35 of Livermore Falls, was arrested on Jan. 7 and charged with one count of possession of a firearm by a prohibited person, a Class C felony. Wilcox said that the arrest began as a complaint regarding target shooting in the Wilton area.

WPD Officer Efra Becerra responded Sunday afternoon and located Soucy, who was target shooting. The officer determined that Soucy had a felony record, Wilcox said, and arrested the Livermore Falls resident without incident.

Soucy was transported to Franklin County Detention Center. He was later released on $200 cash bail.

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  1. Where was he target shooting? Some place unsafe?

  2. Though the original complaint seems to have stemmed from someone complaining about the target shooting, the issue was that the person shooting is a felon. Where he was shooting is irrelevant.

  3. @mainieac: it doesn't really matter, if he was prohibited from possessing a firearm.

  4. Never been convicted of a felony. In my entire 35 yrs of life I have spent 24hrs in jail. It’s being taken care of and no it wasn’t in an unsafe place

  5. Nicely put. Im sure when you went to target shoot the last thing one would be thinking is getting arrested. This must be weighing heavy on one an their family. Hopefully for the working man taking care of self an family things will turn out good. Lets leave the PD to deal with the real problems on the streets BAD DRUGS, its killing our children an the families that sit an see an can do nothing. Good luck to you my friend

  6. I have known him many years Tobias does not get into trouble. Before you judge maybe get informed.

  7. Criminal mischief is not exactly not getting into trouble. Neither is an assault charge, even though it was dismissed, the arrest stays on your record. And Wilton PD is not made up of the sharpest tools in the shed, Probably just saw the arrest and figured it was a conviction.

  8. much for a somewhat educated citizenry

    Tobias Soucy has not been charged with a crime that I can glean from the Bulldog's reporting, arrested only, rightly or wrongly

    WPD Officer Efra Becerra responded and for some reason believed that Soucy was a convicted felon and made the arrest If he is charged with relevant crime, the State must prove the fact of prior felony conviction

    If they can't Soucy "walks" If it is found that there is no past/past felony conviction prior to any filing, that ***should*** be the end of it but for Soucy's MAJOR inconvenience

    Lets hope the Bulldog does a follow up on this

  9. If there have been mistakes made here or if incorrect information was in a database or if correct information was misunderstood, I think the WPD owes the public an explanation in a follow up article. And certainly a personal explanation to Tobias.

  10. So what is the felony record anyways?????

  11. Hahahaha...^^ this guy though! Guess you haven't known him long enough

  12. It sounds like unlawful detainment on WPD. Mr. Tobias should consider charges himself. You don't have to id oneself to law enforcement if the officer doesn't explain his "reasonable suspicion" that you committed a crime or are going to commit a crime. You have the right to remain silent. If officer cant explain reasonable suspicion than you can walk away without saying anything. If they insist on stopping you or questioning you, ask for the supervising officer's presence. They have to do it or its illegal detainment. Target shooting is not illegal, yet. If Tobias new his rights it may have been a different outcome. The second amendment means nothing without the first and fifth.

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