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Wilton PD receives grant funding for extra patrols and safety checkpoint

WILTON - The Wilton Police Department received funding to participate in the Holiday OUI Enforcement Program. A checkpoint is scheduled to be set up on the night of Friday, Dec. 14.

The enforcement program is funded by a grant through the State Bureau of Highway Enforcement, said Wilton Police Chief Heidi Wilcox.

"Officer Chad Abbott applied for the grant which will fund extra patrols and an OUI Safety Checkpoint before Jan. 2, 2013. There have been four fatalities in Wilton during 2012 in which drugs and alcohol were a factor," Wilcox noted.

The OUI Checkpoint is scheduled for the evening of Dec. 14, but is subject to change due to weather. The exact locations have yet to be assigned. "We anticipate a minor inconvenience to travelers while acting to make our roads safer for everyone," she said.

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  1. Great idea. You should not have told people when it was though.

  2. If our laws were reasonable the cops would be able to camp at the outlet of every bar and party to "screen" people for driving drunk the very moment any rubber meets the road.
    Trouble is,,,the entrapment defense outweighs the publics right to be safe from these idiots.
    So the cops have to wait until they are out there actually putting someone elses life in danger before they can legally intervene.

    I hope they fill the jails.

  3. Ya i agree u should not have told them the date.

  4. In some countries you can be arrested for intent to drive while intoxicated. So basically, if you had your car keys and you're withing 50ft of your car, you could be arrested.

  5. Too bad they can't spot check "insurances that have lapsed coverage" while they are doing OUI checks..

  6. the last time i checked the cops DO camp outside the bars and parties and wait to screen drivers.!!! and when i say checked'' i mean see and have seen first hand for decades. they'll always patrol bar areas and parties because that entrapment defence isnt going anywhere, nor is it altering the cops patroling methods. grants like this usually just mean a few fancy road blocks most likely on a highway or main road. as a show of force to discourage drunk drivers.

  7. You guys have to understand why this is in the paper. Before you say this shouldn't have put it in the paper, do some asking at why it is in the paper. I think this is a great grant and I agree so many people are injured or killed due to drunk driving. I hope they catch some people

  8. they should do this inconjunction with farmington police and set up a huge checkpoint

  9. I think this is great. I remember last time they did this in front of Collins in Wilton. They checked not only for drunk driving but for vehicle issues. Last year they stopped us and told us that we needed to either take our vehicle off the road or get the tires changed so we went and got new tires and the tire man said our tires were in good condition still but we changed them anyways, then took the vehicle for inspection and had our old tires with us in the back, the inspector also said our tires would have passed fine. Unsure what the officer was talking about but they were pleasant and because we changed good tires early we had a spare set :)

  10. Stopping and harassing law abiding citizens as they go about their business day or noght seems wrong to me. I remember in grade school when they told us we were innocent until proven guilty. I guess its the opposite in this instance. I'm not impressed.

  11. "because we changed good tires early we had a spare set :)"

    must be nice to have the money to buy a spare set of tires to replace perfectly good ones just because some ignorant cop erroneously demanded that you do so. i wouldn't be smiling.

  12. these roadblocks not only catch drunk drivers but they also catch people with warrants for arrest,unsafe motor vehicles ,bad inspections , and these are a great idea. the town of wilton should be pleased with heidi and the great jopb shes doing with the wilton police dept ,she has her work cut out for her with such a young force and i think shes doing a great job ..congrats heidi !

  13. There are 20 times more ignorant dangerous inattentive cellphone drivers than those who have had a couple of drinks and they are EVERT bit as dangerous. Let's fill the jails with them too. No exceptions at all.

  14. I don't think anyone argues that some good comes from roadblocks, but there is something to say about being forced to stop without any reasonable suspicion. I know they have been deemed constitutional but the idea of roadblocks still has an air of police state to me...

  15. To those who think it's a bad idea. You'll get over it, or you'll stay home friday evening.

  16. thanks for the heads up wilton pd

  17. "irrelevant opinion sharer"

    Its called a savings account and its also not a bad idea to have a set of spare tires. But just for the record - I do work a full time job. :)

    I do agree the cop cost me money, but I am not one for holding anger. Just hope they got their "inspector course in" this year. I am glad they are doing their job and doing road blocks!

  18. I'm happy the department got this grant, it help keeps my family safe! I welcome them anytime, anywhere!

    To "NoInsurance" I have been through a roadblock before, and they have asked me for my license, registration, and insurance. They usually have a pullover spot where I would assume they would ticket anyone who is not current or at least give a warning..

  19. Karen, I agree 100%. There are times I have found them annoying I would be lying if I said I was thrilled to have to stop, but I also realize they do more good then harm to law abiding citizens. I hope Wilton and the surrounding areas receive more grants. I agree cell phone use is as dangerous as drinking. I love the people turning corners while on the phone and almost running someone off the road. Use hand free devices if you have to use your phone!

  20. I hope they are also going to screen for those driving under the influence of prescription drugs,especially pain killers. They impair just as much,if not more,than alcohol.

    While these roadblocks may net a few possibly dangerous drivers,it's also eroding our rights.

  21. town member, i work two jobs, one full time, and have a savings account, thanks. i'm still not able to throw money around needlessly, but good for you living in the lap of luxury.