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Wilton resident wins District 114 race

WILTON - Randall Hall, a Wilton resident and the Republican candidate for Maine House of Representatives, was elected to the District 114 seat Tuesday evening, beating out two other candidates.

Hall received 2,234 votes to Democratic candidate Cherieann Harrison's 1,428 and independent candidate Maitland Lord's 405 in District 114. Hall won five out of the six towns, with Harrison taking the town of Temple.

District 114, consisting of Strong, Wilton, Temple, Chesterville, Industry and New Vineyard, is currently represented by Rep. Russell Black (R - Wilton). Black ran for Senate District 17 on this ballot.

Town-by-town results can be seen below.

Randall Hall (R) - 397
Cherieann Harrison (D) - 161
Maitland Lord (I) - 33

Randall Hall (R) - 1042
Cherieann Harrison (D) - 664
Maitland Lord (I) - 118

Randall Hall (R) - 118
Cherieann Harrison (D) - 130
Maitland Lord (I) - 19

Randall Hall (R) - 266
Cherieann Harrison (D) - 182
Maitland Lord (I) - 186

Randall Hall (R) - 186
Cherieann Harrison (D) - 183
Maitland Lord (I) - 30

New Vineyard
Randall Hall (R) - 225
Cherieann Harrison (D) - 108
Maitland Lord (I) - 19

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  1. Congratulations Randall Hall and wish you success

  2. Congratulations Randy- so excited to hear you are going to share your wisdom down in Augusta!

  3. You can car pool with Richard!

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