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Wilton resident leading in state senate district primary

Jan Collins

WILTON - With most towns reporting, a Wilton resident appears to have won the Democratic party primary for State Senate District 17 this week.

Jan Collins is leading Gary McGrane, a Jay resident, in the Democratic primary by 920 votes Thursday afternoon with most towns and communities reporting. Collins, a business owner and retired teacher, will be running against Rep. Russell Black (R - Wilton), the current House District 114 representative, in November. Black ran uncontested in the Republican primary race.

State Senate District 17, which includes all of Franklin County, plus Belgrade, Fayette, Mount Vernon and Vienna in Kennebec County, is currently represented by Sen. Tom Saviello (R-Wilton). Saviello is not running this year.

Unofficial, preliminary totals show Collins with 1,872 votes to McGrane's 952. That total does not include results from Avon, Coplin Plt., Sandy River Plt. and Mount Vernon.

Carrabassett Valley - Collins 52 / McGrane 13.
Carthage - Collins 11 / McGrane 15.
Eustis - Collins 33 / McGrane 4.
Chesterville - Collins 58 / McGrane 37.
Dallas Plt. - Collins 23 / McGrane 7.
Eustis - Collins 33 / McGrane 4.
Farmington - Collins 423 / McGrane 137.
Freeman Township - Collins 7 / McGrane 2.
Industry - Collins 44 / McGrane 36.
Jay - Collins 160 / McGrane 274.
Kingfield - Collins 81 / McGrane 12.
Madrid - Collins 7 / McGrane 1.
New Sharon - Collins 78 / McGrane 41.
New Vineyard - Collins 38 / McGrane 16
Phillips - Collins 35 / McGrane 35.
Perkins Township - Collins 3 / McGrane 0.
Rangeley - Collins 65 / McGrane 15.
Rangeley Plt. - Collins 13 / McGrane 2.
Strong - Collins 53 / McGrane 15.
Temple - Collins 36 / McGrane 30.
Weld - Collins 30 / McGrane 21.
Wilton - Collins 239 / McGrane 87.
Belgrade - Collins 200 / McGrane 60.
Fayette - Collins 92 / McGrane 55.
Vienna - Collins 58 / McGrane 35.

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11 Responses »

  1. Interesting totals and result on this legislative race. Congratulations to Ms. Collins for a will fought primary but in the coming years we will need an experienced and steady hand in Augusta. Representative Russell Black has proven those attributes during his tenure in the House and would be a better choice at this time to lead District 17.

  2. Congratulations Jan.

  3. Either way has to be a better option than smiling RINO Tom!

  4. A good,decent,kind and intelligent man insulted by someone who hides in the shadow behind an alias. Welcome to the Trump Era where civility is the first casualty.

  5. David, do not worry.. Tom has been hiding from his civil duties for a while now.

    Just like some of his cohorts in the area, including law enforcement and local business' all the same.

    This is what rural America looks like, a bunch of cowboys and cowards.

  6. Probably the most liberal commenter on the Bulldog swoops in to defend poor little Tom's honor. Thanks for proving my point

  7. Jan Collins....wife of Irv Faunce. Based on Irv's spending philosophy, I can imagine Jan will do exactly the same thing. People who spend like these two should move to Calif. where their philosophies are welcomed, not Maine where we're all too poor to support their spending way.
    And why doesn't SHE use a real name????

  8. Scotty, please elaborate on what law enforcement and local businesses are doing wrong as you have stated in your comments about them begin in cahoots with Tom. I was not aware that law enforcement and businesses are not doing their civic duty and I welcome the chance to be enlightened by you.

  9. As far as regarding being in cahoots with Tom, that is because Tom has routinely ignored his otherwise civic duty to even address the topic, at all. The same as Scott Nichols did, when he chose to ignore the individual all the same. The Cowboys up here are not as social as they like to make themselves out to be. Again, stop hiding. You all know who I am, as I have been here for a decade. Continually trying to address this ongoing issue, myself.

  10. Scotty, you have not explained what you mean. All you have done is restate your comment which still leaves me in the dark.I don't care much about Tom as he is not running again. I am concerned when someone says law enforcement, particularly the sheriff, has ignored "the individual all the same.". That sounds like there is a situation of injustice going on and I would really like to know what it is. I do not know who you are as I have only been here for six years and am fine with that but I really want to know the situation you are concerned about.
    Is this a public safety matter we should all be concerned with? You mention them ignoring an individual. Is this individual a danger to the community? I think we all have a right to know as your post makes it sound like we have a serious problem. Again, please elaborate so we can demand justice if the situation calls for it.

  11. Then the moderator needs to allow the reply that was prior to the one you are responding to now. This is a serious matter, pertaining to civil rights that would clearly affect anyone else in a similar position of, as you so eloquently stated, injustice. That is, in this case, past and ongoing injustice done to a less fortunate member of the community by that of local law enforcement. Over a conflict of interest, long stabding, and in need of direct intervention. Yes, including that of the current Sherriff. Who wished to ignore the problem from the beginning. I suggest that my prior comment here not be censored, if you want the insight you desire.