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Kären Williams-Jordan (1945-2017)

Kären Williams-Jordan

NEW SHARON – Kären Williams-Jordan, 71, passed away on August 25, 2017 in Raleigh, North Carolina at her son Jared Williams Jordan’s home; she was surrounded by family and friends. Kären courageously battled recurring cancer over the span of several years and departed peacefully.

Kären was born in Rumford, Maine on October 30, 1945 to Gerard Stinchfield Williams, Esq. and Minta Kimball Williams.

Kären obtained her Master’s degree at the University of Southern Maine and proudly served the Madison and Farmington public school systems as a counselor and orientation advisor for decades. She also maintained a private family counseling practice during part of her professional career and regularly welcomed foreign exchange students into her home.

Kären loved to fiddle but appreciated many genres of music. She felt at home in nature but also thrived off of the energy of the city; she truly was a world traveler. Kären was an active member at the Old South Church in Farmington, Maine and a Stephen minister in Tucson, Arizona. She adored art and was curious to all cultures and diversity. Kären will be remembered by her radiant smile, generosity to all, acute listening skills, wittiness, adventurousness, love of life, free spirit and immense heart.

Kären is survived by her son Jared Williams Jordan of Raleigh, North Carolina, her daughter Alanna Minta Jordan of Paris, France, her brother Gerard Kimball Williams, Esq. of Farmington, as well as a myriad other family members and friends.

In lieu of flowers, donations in her memory may be made to the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Research foundation:

According to Kären’s wishes, a memorial service will be held in Farmington, Maine during the summer of 2018 when her immediate family and friends may be present to celebrate her life.

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  1. There are not words to express how much Kären will be missed. She was a close friend to me and many others. Love is all there is.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss, and I know the death of Karen will be felt deeply
    by many, many people. She was a truly genuine, giving, and loving person
    who touched me and so many people in ways too numerous to recount..

    Nick Rehagen

  3. Karen..... a bright and shining soul reflected in so many hearts... and missed.

  4. Karen's smile and joyous personality brought smiles and joy to whomever she encountered. And her sense of adventure and curiosity is so evidently inherited by her children. She is so missed by many. My heart goes out to Jared and Alanna.

  5. It is a rare and beautiful thing to find a heart close friend. Karen has been one precious, precious part of my life. Words cannot express how deeply her presence is missed.

  6. Karen was a good friend. We shared our faith and many good times, as well as some of our sad times. I was hoping she could return to Green Valley this winter. Some day I will join her in our heavenly home. She was just a wonderful woman.

  7. We were so sorry to read of Karen's passing. We both worked with Karen at Madison Jr. High. her radiant smile, kind heart and words of encouragement will always be remembered. She was truly a remarkable woman. Wishing her family peace during this difficult time. We were blessed to know such a beautiful soul.

  8. We were neighbors and playmates as kids and class mates through high school. She always had a smile and a friendly how are you. I will miss knowing she's not around. To her family I'm so sorry for your loss. Pam Greenleaf Hyde

  9. Very sorry Jared and Alanna for your loss. Your mom was such a positive influence for my daughter in school. Every time I saw her even up to recently she made a point to ask about her.Very sorry!!

  10. Karen was definitely one of the good ones.

  11. Karen was such a wonderful woman and so full of joy and fun.

  12. Jared,
    Your mom was a great lady. Always had a smile on her face. So sorry for your loss
    John Wendy and Travis Pond

  13. Had the honor of working with Karen as a counselor at Mt Blue High. She touched the lives of thousands of students and staff over the years, Sensitive, caring with empathy to those in crisis. She wrote creative letters of recommendation for students which impressed so many college admission staff. I will miss our friendship. If there is
    a loving God, she is nos in the divine presence of eternity.

  14. Karen was an exceptionally kind and thoughtful person, and very true to her own spirit. She was a joy to be with, a good friend, always to be remembered.

  15. A magnificent person who was a long time family friend. Condolences to the entire family.

  16. Aw, what an absence this loss leaves. I feel tremendous rue that the community doesn't have Kären anymore. Her wide welcoming smile. her direct forthright nature, her drive to be the best she could be, her strong sense of commitment, her magnetic draw. Kären's presence was woven in & out of my decades & my activities in this community. I'm sure I will continue to be ready to run into her in town & at local events. I am so glad she had the Paris Experience. Kären, hover around us, do.

  17. I LOVED her sense of humor and those twinkly eyes! We met a few years ago but we were instant close friends. The friendship deepened when she became one of my biggest cheerleaders after my cancer diagnosis. Then her cancer came back and we were off to the races together. We tried and succeeded to have fun on this journey we found ourselves on. I met both Jared and Alanna and am grateful for that too. They are both wonderful and with a Mom like Karen, it's easy to see why. Live Laugh Love - Karen embodied this. Rest in peace my friend.

  18. Karen is enormously missed by her brother Jerry and me. Although we are not married, Karen was like a sister-in-law to me. She was a very strong woman who lived life to the fullest. I am blessed to be part of the family. Hugs to Alanna and Jared.

  19. First knew Karen as neighbor and on the school bus. Loved reconnecting with her when she came to Mt. Blue. She was shining example of a caring person - always a smile. So sorry to hear of your family loss.

  20. Jared,

    Thoughts and prayers with you and your family, your mom was a wonderful woman

  21. We have lost a gem in Karen. We will miss her ready smile and laugh. Such a great supporter of live music and community events in Franklin County. I know her church and music community will miss her greatly.

  22. Sincere condolences to all the family members. Karen truly deserves all of the accolades noted by the writers above. A real quality, compassionate person. Wish I knew about her Green Valley connection.

  23. Her smile will always be remembered at Valley Presbyterian, especially in our family of Stephen Ministers.

  24. Such a wonderful, genuine person.

  25. A wonderful person with a lovely smile. She will be greatly missed. My condolences to Alanna, and Jared.

  26. My condolences to Kären's family. What a wonderful sweet lady.
    I first met Kären at Swett-Winter Daycare while I was attending UMF and worked there.
    I would stay caught up with Kären when she stopped at Mr. Paperback.
    I had lost track of her over the last few years and was shocked to read this.
    God Bless her family and friends. Kären may you Rest Forever in Peace.

  27. I knew Karen as a caring and conscientious mother of Alana and Jared in elementary school in New Sharon. She was so supportive and helpful. My sincere condolences to Alana and Jordon for their loss of a beautiful lady they were lucky enough to call mother.

  28. Such a kind, generous person. She shared her light freely and with great love. Many many people will miss her.

  29. Jared you and your sister are in my thoughts.....,

  30. I met Karen just a few years ago, and what a lovely lady! She was still setting goals, working hard to meet them, and learning new skills. I'm thankful I got to know her. I will miss her. Praying for her family and many friends.

  31. My condolences. Karen was a fun, bright classmate and a good friend. She had a distinguished professional career.

  32. We had known each other from childhood and were classmates. In recent years we wrote to give each other encouragement as we fought cancer. She fought valiantly. May her memory be eternal.

  33. A seeker, a vibrant spirit, a wonderful friend, a loving mom, a committed community force for good, a passionate person to the end. We were blessed to cross paths and connect throughout a life well lived. Will miss you so!

  34. What a great loss! Karen was indeed a wonderful, cheerful, caring person. I met her through our foreign exchange student and she was a gem. My condolences to her family. She will be greatly missed.

  35. I knew Kären as "Alanna's Mom" - kind, generous and imperfectly delightful. A real good egg.

    My condolences to her family.

  36. Karen was one of the most giving people I have ever met. Our lives bumped into each other
    Time and time again in all different times and roles. We first met in Waterville at a shared interest group. We met again when I was attending UMF as an adult learner. We met once more as I was hired to be the school counselor
    After she moved on. We shared a room, bottles of wine and oh so many laughs at a counselors conference. She was a brilliant, caring and sincerely loving woman. I am sad that we have lost this dear woman. My love to her family and friends.

  37. My heart felt sympathy to Gerry, Heidi and Karen's children. She was always a pleasant and upbeat person to talk to and she will be very much missed by those that knew and loved her. May she rest in peach.

  38. I knew Karen through Old South Church in Farmington, Maine, where her unique spirit was a bright star in our midst. Her courage, humor and kindness were and are deeply felt by many in our congregation and we will greatly miss her. Condolences to Alanna and Jared and hopes for peace in the days ahead.

  39. Many sincere thanks for such heartwarming messages from everyone, we really appreciate the thoughtful words. Our mother will truly be missed but she lives on in all of these wonderful memories that we all carry. <3