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Loving Memories of Robert K Mecham

Loving Memories of Robert K Mecham

10/14 /41 - 02/16/09

Memories of a love once shared
Stayed locked inside my heart,
There in all eternity
Even though were now apart,

A love like ours was special
And my memories never fade,
And I'll cherish each and every dream
That we both ever made,

And even though you're not by my side
The place were you should be,
I know you're looking down from high
And watching over me.

R.I.P. Bob

Love your wife Susan Mecham

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4 Responses »

  1. R.I.P. Bob u are very well missed!!!! Love u Susan from all of us..

  2. Family gatherings will never be the same without you...I miss you and your sense of humor! :-P

  3. Beautiful, deep from the heart loving tribute. Just proves our love never dies!

  4. Thinking of you both with Love today!